7 Must See Pictures That Haven't Been Photoshopped

See Through Laptop

In case you don't get it: he took a picture of what's behind his computer. Doesn't it make you want to try it right now?


This is a Real Thing

No Photoshop trickery is afoot here: this is what you get when you cross a zebra and a regular horse. It's called a Zebroid, which also happens to be the name of the special cream in my medicine cabinet.


Artsy But Good

Who would have guessed? Artsy photography CAN be good. This effect was achieved by having the girl lay down on a reflective surface, like black concrete covered in water. Please learn something from this, “photographers.” Taking a black and white picture of a road sign or a dead bird or something isn't even remotely as good as this.


Peter Pan Was Here

In this neat photo, the girl was jumping, not flying. If she could really fly, she'd be locked up in a government research facility with a variety of electrodes and whatnot stuck to her face. Free tip: if you can fly, don't tell anyone.


It's Not Actually Floating

This piece of “modern art” is found at Aqualand in Spain. Unlike most modern art, it's actually pretty cool: there's another pipe hidden in the stream of water, which pushes out water inside the big pipe, so that it looks like that's where it originated.


Looks Comfy

He's actually balancing upside down on his head at the beach (and in what appears to be whitey-tighties as well, classy). This is one of those skills that you have to work very hard to achieve but serve no practical purpose.


Wait, What?

Look closer: it's actually two different girls. Pretty neat idea actually—the left side of the picture is a mirror, and the other side is glass, which is where the second girl is standing.

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