5 Weird Facts About Game of Thrones

How Did You Not Know This Already

Game of thrones

If you didn't know this, you have to turn in your Game of Thrones fan card on the way out. The lady pictured above, who plays Shae, had a “career” before the show started. Yep, she was in porn—we've seen it, and sadly, it's not that great. Nevertheless, if Game of Thrones' frequent softcore scenes aren't enough for you, then why not do a search for her stage name, “Dilara”. Enjoy those frighteningly close up zoom shots, pervert.

Can You See the Resemblance?

This girl plays Talisa Maegyr, who in the show recently became Robb Stark's wife—man, fantasy names are badass—is actually the granddaughter of none other than Charlie Chaplin. Her real name is pretty close to the weird fantasy names in the show, Oona Chaplin. Seriously, Oona.

We Can't Get Enough of this Little Guy

Peter Dinklage's fame has, without a doubt, absolutely skyrocketed since Game of Thrones started. But he's been around for a long time—did you know that he was on an episode of Seinfeld? Well, he kind of was—his voice was heard over the phone talking to Elaine in the 1995 episode “The Wink.” Who would have thought that 15 or so years later he would be a fan-favorite in a wildly popular HBO show?

Dothraki is Kind of Like Klingon

You know how in Star Trek, the fictional language Klingon has actually been developed into a real language? Well, Dothraki, the fictional language used in Game of Thrones, is pretty much a “real” language too—which actors have had to study.

We're Glad She Was Uncovered—Er, Discovered, That is

Game of thrones

The actress who plays Daenerys, Emilia Clarke, was virtually unknown before Game of Thrones—the biggest credit she had was for a direct-to-TV movie called “Triassic Attack”, aired on the Syfy channel. It was pretty bad. For those of you who haven't watched Game of Thrones yet, you're probably wondering if you get to see her boobies. The answer is yes, yes you do.

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