5 Laws from Around the World That Make No Sense

By Damien on July 13, 2015 - 1:55 am | Permalink

There are some laws that seem designed not to keep us safe, happy or even as an incentive to just not be a dick. Let’s talk about some of the worst (and funniest, if you’re into oppression) of them!

Thailand – Stepping on money is an offense


In Thailand, like in many other countries, the currency (Baht) bears the likeness of the king.  Unlike in other countries, this means that you cannot step on the money, as it would be an offense to put the king under your foot. If you hear a crunch underfoot in Thailand, you better hope it’s just a snail, and not a 50 Baht note.

Canada – Comic books depicting illegal acts are banned


Considering that a huge portion of Marvel Comics’ roster is Canadian, it isn’t clear if Wolverine’s many acts of violence count, but Criminal Code Chapter C-46 states that any magazine substantially comprised of depictions of real or fictitious crime are not allowed. Would Superman’s continuous reckless endangerment of Metropolis count?

Finland – Candy tax


From 2011 in Finland, any produced goods that contain sugar have been subject to a tax of 75 cents per KG or 7.5 cents per liter. This could have been a fairly rational law, designed to help combat obesity and diabetes… If not for the fact that cookies are not taxed, while bottled water is.

Denmark – No masks allowed


During riots, people may do illegal things, for which they will need to be arrested. This can be made difficult if the person in question has a mask on to conceal their identity. To combat this fairly specific issue, the Danish government decided to do the sensible thing and ban all masks. Happy Halloween, Danish kids.

Denmark – Keep your headlights on at all times


What causes car accidents? Negligence? Speeding? Drinking? Not according to Danish law; this law stipulates that drivers must have their headlights on at all times, during the night, but also during the day, no matter how bright it is. What does this achieve? Who knows, but Danish drivers must go through a lot of car batteries.

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