5 Incredibly Rare But Very Real Mental Illnesses

Taijin Kyofusho

rare mental diseases

This condition, an awareness of everything that could possibly go wrong in any given social situation, and the acute, debilitating fear of social situations that results from it, is unsurprisingly most common in Japan. Japan’s incredibly rigid, complex system of social graces and etiquettes contributes greatly to the development of this illness.


rare mental diseases

This condition is characterized by the desire to eat oneself. It can range from mild (chewing lightly on your own arm) to severe (biting pieces off of yourself and eating them).

Sometimes the goal is not to bite or eat yourself, but the reverse: to feel yourself being bitten by yourself. Confusing and rare, it is possible it is brought on by spinal cord injuries.


rare mental diseases

A less well-known cousin of lycanthropy, boanthropy occurs when a person believes themselves to be a cow or a bull, and begins to live and behave accordingly. Thought to originate as a dream which begins to pervade the waking mind, Inception-style, it can also be brought on by hypnotism in some subjects. Unfortunately for the subjects, their physiology does not match their psychology, and they must regress eventually, because humans can’t digest grass with only one stomach.

Landau-Kleffner Syndrome

rare mental diseases

Normally, children begin to gain the ability to express and understand language between one and two years old; normally they don’t then lose this ability between five and seven years old. This bizarre and difficult to treat condition most often occurs randomly to children. Sometimes it is accompanied with seizures, but not always. It is a syndrome that scientists and medics still do not understand.


rare mental diseases

This is one condition you do not want to suffer from. Or do you? Aboulomania is characterized by random periods of crippling indecision. Almost like their brain has taken away their free will, sufferers sometimes completely lack the ability to make decisions. Batman villain Two-Face may have a form of Aboulomania, as he can’t make decisions without flipping a coin first.

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