5 Coolest Lego Creations

Mt. Rushmore, Lego Edition

No, it's not to scale. But you have to admit, those are some incredibly detailed faces, considering they're made out of tons of little blocks stuck together. The rocks (which, in case you're blind, aren't Lego) have even been carved out to imitate the look of the actual mountain. Whatever happened to the days where presidents immortalized themselves in huge statues carved into the sides of mountains?


Cool as an Adult, Creepy As a Kid

While this piece isn't as detailed as the Mt. Rushmore Lego creation above, it's a lot more interesting. This yellow Lego man appears to be tearing himself open, letting his Lego innards spill out. Since you know that an adult made this, it's pretty cool—but what if a kid did? It would immediately land them in some kind of therapy (not to mention labeling him as a Lego savant).


Scale Lego Giraffe

Yes, that's a giraffe made out of Lego, and it's about the size of a real giraffe. Can you imagine how long that must have taken the people who made it? Also, if you were going to take the time to make an animal out of Lego, to scale no less, would you really choose a giraffe? As a final note on this piece, you have to admit that it would be very hard to suppress your “inner bully” and not knock at least one of the legs out. You know you'd think about it.


Lego for Musicians

Both of these are very cool, and they actually work—which one would you rather have? The guitar says, “I'm a whimsical rocker, baby. Aren't I cool?” The cello on the other hand, while still awesome, sort of says, “I have way too much spare time on my hands.”

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