5 Cool Weapons Used In Sci-Fi Movies

5. ZF-1

This was used in the movie the Fifth Element directed by Luc Besson. If you cannot pick out a weapon then this weapon is the one that you should use. It has many features in it but one that is the most impressive is that the ZF-1 can fire a cool tracer round and it will go directly into the target regardless of the direction that it’s aimed it will always hit the target first. It also can fire gas arrows that are with fire poison, it can throw flame throwers, freezing gas and a net.

4. Zats

If you are a Stargate universe fan then you should know what this one is right away. The Zat can be described as a weapon that might be sometimes merciful due because of the function that is non-lethal or either it can be used for intimidation.

3. Bone Gun

David Cronenberg designed this weapon and this weapon is bizarre and cool looking. It can be spotted in the movie eXistenZ. It’s made out of bone plus flesh and whenever the gun is fired it doesn’t use bullets instead it uses human teeth. It’s a great assassination tool because it can go thru the metal detectors without causing any problems. What would you think about a gun that just suddenly started firing teeth out at you?

2. UV arc

The UV arc was a weapon used in the movie Blade. It’s shaped like a bow and the string is a UV sabre that’s powerful and can equal the hotness that comes from the sun and possibly stronger. It can easily cut thru any kind of metal.

1. Iron Man’s Armor Suit

Iron Man made a suit that was extremely powerful and equipped with advanced weapons. The suit also gave him strength that was superhuman plus it allowed him to fight and gave him durability. In the movie Stark was the one that invented plus was the one that wore the suit. He was a genius and because of all the weapons the suit had and what all it did, it makes the number one spot out of the top 5 of cool Sci-Fi weapons.

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