4 Fun But Dangerous Hobbies That Will Probably Kill You

dangerous hobbies

Hobby: Bungee Jumping

Likelihood to Kill You: 1 in 500,000

Let's start with something relatively safe. If you want to pick up a hobby that gets your adrenal glands pumping and your heart racing, bungee jumping is a pretty good starter. You've only got a one in a half a million chance of the cord snapping, leaving you to plummet to your death. I like them odds.

Final Verdict: Baby's First Extreme Sport

dangerous hobbies

Hobby: Deep Sea Diving

Likelihood to Kill You: 1 in 34,000

Now we're getting somewhere. “What?” you ask. “Look at how serene and beautiful that photo is. I've been scuba diving. It's fun!”

Sure, it's a lot of fun to submerge your body in a salty liquid that literally serves as one big apartment complex for sharks, sting rays, and eels, which are basically fish that can electrocute you. Sounds like a blast. Don't forget about the whole breathing thing too—one tiny mistake or problem with your gear means you'll suffocate way, way before you get to the surface. Enjoy that.

Final Verdict: It's Dangerous, But At Least Nobody Knows if You Pee

dangerous hobbies

Hobby: Base Jumping

Likelihood to Kill You: 1 in 2,300

This is a hobby that involves jumping off a cliff, which is essentially something we've been told our entire lives not to do. Sure, you have a nice parachute and everything, but that doesn't mean you'll ever get a chance to pull the ripcord; plenty of base jumpers have been, you know, impaled on the way down or just couldn't get their parachute open quickly enough.

Final Verdict: Achievement Unlocked – Human Pancake

dangerous hobbies

Hobby: Hang Gliding

Likelihood to Kill You: 1 in 1,000

This is the hobby for ultimate badasses that nobody would have ever guessed. Who knew hang gliding was so dangerous? It makes it seem a whole lot more awesome.

Final Verdict: We Should Have Listened to Icarus

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