3 Weird & Futuristic Concept Cars

The eRinGo Concept Car

This is basically the epitome of “concept cars”. It doesn't get any more conceptual than what essentially looks like a unicycle: car edition. While it's (incredibly) unlikely that we'll be driving these little contraptions in the future, the engineering behind the design is actually pretty cool. The eRinGo uses a gyro and rotor system which allows it to stay balanced on just the center wheel, using the side wheels for turns—so how does it stay up when you park? The side wheels extend down to the ground. Neat, but you probably wouldn't pick up many chicks with it.

The Kassou Concept Car

This bizarre little contraption is like an accordion. The little rubber neck you see surrounding the “cockpit” can actually be extended and retracted, allowing for more headroom. There's something hilarious about the idea of a very tall person driving one of these things, the neck on it extended all the way. Despite the size, there's actually seating room for two. The name Kassou is Japanese for Glide, and that's what you'd do if you saw this on the road. Glide away, that is.

The BMW Lovos Concept Car

All right, enough of these weird little cars, let's look at something badass. The BMW Lovos looks like something a super-villain would drive; it's covered in mechanized “fish” scales (or snake scales, if you prefer). Other than looking awesome, they actually serve a purpose: each of the 260 scales open up to receive solar power from the sun. They also supposedly function as air brakes. Even better, each of the 260 scales are fully interchangeable, so replacing them would be simple enough. Really though, all of that doesn't matter, since the real draw here is a badass snake/fish car.

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