3 Stupid Ideas That Made People Millionaires

Glasses for Dogs

It sounds incredibly stupid, and it is, but if it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that people would buy bottled water specifically for dogs (which is true), then why wouldn't these same people—cough retards cough—buy sunglasses for their dogs? As it turns out, they most definitely will, and in such numbers that the creator of the business that sells not only dog glasses but also shirts, hats, and backpacks is now a multimillionaire.

Plastic Wishbones

For those of you who aren't familiar with the tradition, when folks eat a turkey, usually on Thanksgiving, there's a game people play involving the wishbone (the V-like bone you see in the image, except that one is fake). Two people hold either end of the bone and break it, and the person with the bigger piece “wins.” What they really win is greasy fingers and the bones of a dead bird, but somehow, it's supposed to be good luck. Anyway, this Ken Ahroni, the brilliant bastard that he is, started making and selling plastic turkey wishbones, which are as accurate a reproduction of the real thing as possible. Now people can play the wishbone game without having to actually eat a turkey to do it. Sounds stupid? Tell that to Ken's accountant, since he's making over two and a half million per year.

Microwavable Pillows

This is one of those ideas that skates on the borderline of incredibly stupid and oddly brilliant. It's basically a pillow that has a filling which stays warm after you microwave it. It's stupid in the sense that people will actually buy a pillow that will stay warm for only a limited amount of time (instead of, say, a heating blanket, a heating pad, a woman, etc), but brilliant in that of course people would buy something like this. The name couldn't be more obnoxious either: the pillow is called the Wuvit. Created by a housewife (shocking), after pitching the idea to a number of retailers, it was eventually picked up by Saks. She's now a millionaire, all for sticking a pillow in the microwave.

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