3 Extreme Examples of the Internet Destroying Relationships

That Young Girl You've Been Flirting With Online? Yeah, It's Your Wife

Remember gentlemen, women are treacherous, devious creatures with wildly focused intellects (as long as it doesn't involve programming a DVR). Stephanie Davies, pictured, is (obviously) in her late 30s. She was suspicious that her husband was cheating with her “on the computer”.

So, to entrap this poor beta provider male, she created a fake Facebook profile, posing as an attractive 21 year old. She starts hitting on her husband, and, being that the last time this guy was probably hit on by a hot 20-something was probably somewhere in the range of never ago, he flirted back. The result? She divorced him after their kid's first birthday.

But wait, there's a happy ending. Turns out the husband actually was “digitally cheating” on her—he got married to one of his cyber-lovers just 8 weeks after the divorce.

About as Sad as it Gets

Second Life, the popular “game”, has been portrayed by the media as a unique online experience, full of interesting and creative people. They even teach real-world classes in Second Life, so it has to be good, right?

What you don't hear is that Second Life is basically one big cybersex orgy.

David Pollard, a 40 year old gentleman who somehow managed to land a wife 12 years his junior on the game, was later “caught” having “sex” with a virtual prostitute in Second Life. Yes, they have those. Yes, you pay actual money for it. Yes, it looks like a bad PS2 game.

The young wife promptly divorced him.

I mean, come on, guy. We have 3D pornography in full 1080p high definition now. What are you doing?

This is Why You Don't Pick Up Chicks With “In a Relationship Status”

Long story short: Awais Akram, a 25 year old with a boner and a Facebook profile, went on the digital prowl to pick up chicks. He met a married woman on Facebook and hooked up with her. The husband found out, and this gangster ass mofo grabbed Awais and burned him with sulphuric acid. I guess he had a jealous streak.

The chicks you pick up on Facebook might be fun, but who knows what kind of baggage they come along with.

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