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'X-Men' TV Show Recasts a 'Days of Future Past' Character, Because Continuity is for Chumps

There’s almost no point in trying to keep track of everything that’s going on with Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe at the moment.

First Bryan Singer was out. Then he was back in, directing the pilot for a TV show, then he had a movie to do as well, then the movie was going to Simon Kinberg instead. The endless stream of contradictory information is difficult to keep track of, as if you talk to any one person involved with these movies or shows, you’ll get a completely different set of claims than you’d get from anyone else.

The latest in a long line of white noise that’s been spewing forth from Fox is the casting of the first character to be announced in the upcoming, untitled X-Men television series.

Matt Nix is working as showrunner, but Bryan Singer is directing the pilot, because he had a few months to kill, and Fox won’t let him back into the main movie studio headquarters for fear that he’ll take a leak in a pot plant.

According to Variety, the show has signed on Jamie Chung, probably best known for playing Mulan in Once Upon a Time, the show which Disney uses to check which live action remakes of classic cartoons will make the most money.

Chung will be playing Blink, a character that fans of the X-Men movies will remember appears briefly in Days of the Future Past, where her power is copyright infringement as she throws out glowing portals which look and function suspiciously like those in the Valve video game simply titled Portal.

What should be a first, exciting piece of news about the upcoming TV project comes somewhat tainted with the fishy aftertaste of more Fox lies, though. It had previously been stated that the new show would feature completely original mutants, so as not to further conflate the canon of the X-Men cinematic universe.

Apparently, the studio has returned to its standard practice of just ignoring blatant plot holes, in the hopes that nobody will care. Like the time Emma Frost aged backwards over the course of two decades, or the time Bolivar Trask transformed from a short white man to a tall black guy.

This is generally something that the hardcore fans shrug off—perhaps it’s simply a case of two mutants with similar powers, or two guys with the same name who also have the identical goal of wiping out mutants.

Blink is a fairly minor character in Days of Future Past, so it’s easy to see how Matt Nix figured he could get away with this sneaky reuse of the character. It’s not like she was originally played by an enormous superstar who featured heavily in the movie’s marketing materials.

Oh, except that’s exactly what happened, at least in China. Fan Bing Bing, who played Blink in the movie, is kind of a big deal.

Apparently, in this case, Wolverine’s meddling with the timeline in Days of Future Past has meant that Blink grows up in America, and no longer shares a face with one of the most famous women in China.

Time travel is weird, guys.

The real frustration for X-Men fans here isn’t anything to do with an already incredibly skewed timeline. We’re used to that by this point.

The problem is that you can’t trust a single thing anyone at Fox says about upcoming projects. One minute this new television show features all new characters, the next it revolves around an existing movie character who’s been recast.

It’s almost as if everyone at Fox is making things up as they go along.

So don’t get too attached to the idea of seeing Blink in a starring role in this show. In five minutes, it could be announced that Jamie Chung will instead be strapped into a fat suit to play a new version of the Blob, or covered in ping-pong balls in order breath life into Doop.

Stranger things have happened.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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