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'Thor: Ragnarok' Concept Art Gives Us Our First Look At Cate Blanchett's Hela

Concept art is fun.

It’s basically a collection of incredibly detailed paintings, created by the best artists of the day, that exist purely to turn an eleven-year-old’s wildest fantasies into reality.

What if Hulk was a gladiator, like in Planet Hulk, but instead of fighting the Silver Surfer, he battled Thor?

That’s some concept art for Thor: Ragnarok that’s definitely worth seeing.

These illustrations often feel more alive and full of motion and energy than movie scenes—after all, a movie director doesn’t need to work hard to imply movement, so characters won’t hold energetic and dynamic poses in perpetuity for enough time for audiences to fully appreciate them.

With pictures like these, though, there’s an opportunity to study every detail, to see the passion and power that the artist is attempting to convey.

These pictures are sadly not readily available just yet—at least, not in a glorious high quality format. They’re included briefly in a short video about the rest of Marvel’s Phase Three, which comes as part of the Doctor Strange Blu-Ray release.

There’s also a fun image of a computer generated Hulk. It’s worth assuming that they haven’t finished it yet, and that the movie isn’t going to feature a retro nineties throwback computer animation style.

Most excitingly, though, there’s a fun first look at Hela, the villain of Thor: Ragnarok, who’ll be played by Cate Blanchett.

As has been established by recent images we’ve seen from the drawing board stage of Doctor Strange, movie directors often like to see a lot of different style options before settling on a particular design.

As such, it’s not clear how much of this we can actually trust. We know that Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth have filmed in an Australian set that was made up to look like New York, so the idea of the pair being trapped between two high-rise buildings is no surprise.

But will the movie’s villain appear in all her glory above them? This seems like a strange place for a cosmic battle, but then, the juxtaposition of the fantastical and the mundane is very much a concept that director Taika Waititi has liked to play with in his other work.

It'd be kind of nice to see Hela in the moments before she corners Thor and Loki in an alleyway.

Hopefully in the finished movie we’ll get an extended scene of her rocking up to where she knows the pair will be traveling, pausing to get herself a latte in Starbucks, waiting awkwardly in line, having to explain the spelling of her name to a confused barista, and casually sipping her drink while sat on one of those weird stools that look out the window at the street.

Or maybe she’ll just appear out of nowhere and start setting stuff on fire. But that feels a lot less fun.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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