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Tell Her You Love Her In Every (Nerd) Language: Romantic Gifts For Every Fandom

Ugh, Valentine's Day, am I right? You're supposed to do the romantic gift thing, and it's so hard to buy for ladies. Unless they're geeks, of course, in which case I've got you covered.  

I have the most romantic gifts for (most) every fandom! I say most, because I couldn't think of a romantic gift from that bloody series. The most romantic thing that happens is when someone pushes their nephew out a window to cover their affair with their sister which is... probably not something you want to do in real life? I mean, like, pretty much all of that sounds like a bad idea, from the pushing someone out a window part to the bit where you're getting dirty with your sister. Yikes. But I DO have a lot of great gift ideas for the fandom-loving female in your life, starting with:

Fandom: The Legend Of Zelda

Token of Affection: Zora's Sapphire

Significance: Zora's Sapphire is one of the Spiritual Stones from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time—the other two being Kokiri's Emerald and Goron's Ruby. The Spiritual Stones are three mystical gem stones that, when gathered, open the door to the sacred realm.  So why specifically Zora's Sapphire? Well, Princess Ruto, the keeper of the sapphire, says,

"My mother gave it to me and said I should give it only to the man who will be my husband.  You might call it the Zora's Engagement Ring!"  

That's right, it's a sign of betrothal. So, uh, maybe keep that in mind when you buy this for your love. It might send mixed messages.

Where To Get One: Here's a great one on Etsy.


Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Token of Affection: Claddagh Ring

Significance: Buffy is given her Claddagh ring by Angel, who we all know is her third best boyfriend but was her first love, on her birthday. According to Angel: 

"My people... Before I was changed... They exchanged this as a sign of devotion. It's a claddagh ring. The hands represent friendship, the crown represents loyalty... And the heart... Well, you know... Wear it with the heart pointing towards you. It means you belong to somebody. Like this. Put it on."

Where To Get One: You can buy official Buffy/Angel claddagh ring sets, but I can tell you from experience that if you wear them, the cheap silver plating will quickly wear off and you'll be left with a copper-ish ring of indeterminate metal origin that will turn her finger green. I'd recommend getting an actual claddagh from a reputable website, like this one.


Fandom: Lord Of The Rings

Token of Affection: Evenstar Pendant

Significance: This one is tricky. Arwen gives the beautiful Evenstar pendant to Aragorn as a sign of her love—but only in the films. In the books, the Evenstar didn't exist though there is a short story where Arwen gives a pendant similar to the Evenstar to the "bearer of the ring," Frodo.)  

Where To Get One: Pretty much every little jewelry booth at any convention has these, and they aren't expensive—I think I paid twenty dollars for mine at Fan Expo, and it's lovely. Here's one for 60 bucks on Amazon.


Fandom: Sailor Moon

Token of Affection: Usagi's ring from Mamoru

Significance:  Is there any anime relationship more swoon-worthy than that between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask? Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask) gives Usagi (Sailor Moon) a promise ring in a shape of a heart at the airport just before he leaves for America. The ring represents a promise to Usagi that they will eventually marry. It's also super pretty.

Where To Get It: This Etsy fin even comes with the red box, just like in the anime!


Fandom: The Marvel Universe/Infinity Gauntlet

Token of Affection: Erasing Half Of All Living Things On Earth

Significance: Death resurrects dead Thanos, because there's an imbalance between the living and the dead. Thanos develops a crush on Death, and thus decides to wipe out half of existence with the Infinity Gauntlet as a little gift for Death. Eventually Death joins the rest of the Marvel heroes to strip Thanos of his gauntlet and de-power him, probably because she got bored of all his bullshit grandstanding.

Where To Get It: Well, the Doomsday clock has recently moved closer to midnight, so just... uh... be patient, and you might get your wish?


Fandom: Batman

Token of Affection: Roses Left In A Dark Alley Where You Watched Your Parents Get Horrifically Murdered

Significance: Whoops, this one was for Mother's Day.  My bad!


There you go.  If you're a secret admirer combing this article for what to get me, well... everyone knows I'm a Buffy fan, but I already have my claddagh, so if anyone wants to get me a gift,the blood of my enemies mixed with a little glitter and turned into a calm-down meditation jar is both pretty AND practical. Happy V-Day!

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