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'Team Thor: Pt 2' Makes Us Yearn For a Full Marvel Mockumentary

Oh man, guys.

He’s back.

The best character in all of the MCU. The guy who needs his own movie more than anyone else.


You remember Darryl, right? The straightman of Team Thor’s comedy duo? The put-upon Australian roommate of the Norse God of Thunder? The guy who really should have vetted his potential rent partners a little more thoroughly?

Thanks to the wondrous joy that is Taika Waititi, and in no doubt largely made possible by standard, run-of-the-mill reshoots for Thor: Ragnarok, the internet has been blessed by a sequel to the Team Thor mockumentary short that we got last year.

(We have to specify that the Thor: Ragnarok reshoots are an industry standard practice, by the way, in case Trump supports start panicking that the movie’s ending has been changed to cast Nazis in a bad light.)

Team Thor: Pt. 2, Where Are They Now? Isn’t as long as the previous video we received, and it’s clear that this was thrown together fairly hastily in a single location. Presumably, after the original Team Thor was a hit, Waititi quickly threw together an allowance in the reshoot schedule to get Darryl back for a brief moment, and the whole thing was filmed in a forty-five minute lunchbreak.

Boy, though, does it still work.

There’s something strangely satisfying about the idea of Thor belligerently refusing to acknowledge the customs of the world in which he lives. It’s a shame, to a certain extent, that Ragnarok is going to take place mostly in space, as this kind of juxtaposition of the mundane and the absurd is what Waititi does best.

Sure, big budget gladiatorial battles between the Hulk and Thor on a distant alien world? That’s going to be fun. Nobody’s going to deny that.

It’d be wonderful, though, to see what Waititi could do with a modest budget of a few million, unfettered access to a few Avengers stars, and free reign to make the most nuts mockumentary of all time.

Considering that every single Marvel actor is going to be passing through Georgia at some point in the next year for Infinity War, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we get a few more of these shorts, either done by Waititi, or built on the framework that he’s established.

A full length movie might be pushing things, but at least those who enjoy Team Thor can always consider watching What We Do In the Shadows instead.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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