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Taron Egerton Wants a 'Deadpool'/'Kingsman' Crossover

Matthew Vaughn is the glue that holds comic book movies together.

Sure, Marvel has their own thing going, and that’s fine, but the studio behind The Avengers is more concerned about innovating financial solutions to filmmaking, rather than trying anything new and original in storytelling.

DC is happy to tread new ground, so long as the ground they’re treading involves making audiences hate their favorite heroes.

This leaves us with Fox, a studio that can’t quite pick a single direction. There’s wacky hijinks with Deadpool, forlorn sadness with Logan, and whatever nonsense the studio was aiming for with X-Men: Apocalypse.

As such, the only thing that’s really kept Fox’s superhero department afloat is Matthew Vaughn.

First Class revitalized the X-Men franchise at a point when such a thing seemed impossible, and gave Bryan Singer enough ideas for one and a half new movies (he then padded Apocalypse with whatever trash the special effects department could come up with).

Then, Kingsman: The Secret Service paved the way for R-rated comic book comedy long before Deadpool arrived on the scene, although the movie generally doesn’t get the credit it deserves, because Mark Millar’s The Secret Service comic book source material is a bit crap.

All of this being the case, it’s hardly a surprise that Taron Egerton, who plays Eggsy in Kingsman and its sequel, is angling to see his spy series cross over with Ryan Reynolds’ antihero flick.

When asked in an interview with MTV what comic book movie universe he’d most like to see Kingsman cross over with, Egerton instantly went for Deadpool:

“I guess the tone of Deadpool would probably lend itself best. Some of the others might be a little bit more family oriented, whereas Kingsman and Deadpool are both pretty ‘R.’ So, I guess, maybe that’d work quite well.”

Of course, it’s pretty clear that Egerton basically pulled this answer out of his butt when put on the spot. He doesn’t think for a single moment that such a crossover would ever actually be on the cards.

Fox should probably be pretty grateful that Marvel would never allow Deadpool Meets Kingsman to exist, though. Such a movie would show off just how much the Ryan Reynolds superhero vehicle borrowed from a less iconic movie.

Self aware humor that ironically points out the flaws of the genre?

A gratuitous anal sex scene which shows off a little more than most audiences were expecting?

Colorful explosions, hyperviolent fight scenes, and so much swearing that it’d make a Navy SEAL blush?

Kingsman and Deadpool are basically the same movie.

If word of this ever got out, Fox’s new X-Men cash cow would lose all credibility as the genius, genre reinventing anti-blockbuster it’s become known as.

Yes, better to let Matthew Vaughn quietly do his own thing with his little-known spy series, rather than rope him back into the X-Men universe to rightfully claim credit for all the things Ryan Reynolds is currently pretending he invented.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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