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Simon Kinberg is in Talks to Steal the 'X-Men' Director's Chair From Bryan Singer

Oh good, more Simon Kinberg.

Heaven forbid Fox actually get some new blood in to work on their main X-Men movie saga.

Despite generally proving a fairly decent X-Men director, Bryan Singer’s Apocalypse left a lot of people rather cool to the franchise as a whole. Singer’s latest and most overblown superhero epic since Superman Returns was packed with too many characters, too much CGI white noise, and lacked the grounded realism of his earlier movies.

So what’s Fox to do? They could potentially get a new director in to try rebuilding some of the goodwill that Apocalypse destroyed, but that’s risky. Best just stick to using someone that already knows the names of all the caterers.

Rumor has it (courtesy of Collider) that with Bryan Singer kicked to the curb, Simon Kinberg, who’s served as a producer on a variety of previous movies, will instead be sitting in the awkward Director’s deckchair for the next movie in the saga.

This will no doubt come as a surprise to Singer, who still insists that he’s directing the next movie, but it’s not like this would be the first time he’d be wrong about something X-Men related.

But as much as Fox may trust Kinberg to do a good job, he doesn’t have the most prestigious track record.

Kinberg joined the X-Men franchise all the way back when Singer originally left to direct his crummy Brandon Routh Superman movie. Kinberg’s role as a producer on X-Men: The Last Stand was far from the only element of production that changed, but there’s no denying that the third movie in the series wasn’t exactly of the same caliber as the previous two.

But his work on the X-Men movies isn’t the only reason why Fox executives love him. Kinberg is rumored to have stepped in to direct extensive reshoots for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four.

Apparently, in Fox’s eyes, this is a good thing? Perhaps the studio was banking on Fant4stic being a Producers-style flop in order to write off some studio profits in a tax dodge, and Kinberg was brought in to deliberately ruin what might otherwise have been a watchable film.

His rumored work on Fantastic Four, by the way, is Kinberg’s only alleged experience as a director. Apart from that, he has as much experience directing traffic as he does directing a big budget movie.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a fresh pair of eyes on the X-Men universe? To avoid the franchise becoming more stale as the same few guys write up bizarre fanfiction that doesn’t go anywhere, and then hand it to James McAvoy to read it verbatim in front of a camera?

(McAvoy, by the way, is claiming that he’ll be returning for an X-Men related project that involves Kinberg this summer. So much for his claims that he’ll be avoiding badly written future X-Men movies.)


Bear in mind that a lot of the additional, superfluous characters that were jammed into Apocalypse were Kinberg’s idea. He was the one who was really pushing for ultimately wasted mutants like Psylocke.

Prying the keys to the franchise out of a weepy Bryan Singer’s hands and handing them to Simon Kinberg isn’t progress.

It simply means that we’re getting further away from another First Class style revival of the series.

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Matthew Loffhagen

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