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Rumor Has It Fox Is Having a Hard Time Casting Domino For 'Deadpool 2'

Deadpool 2 is going to be a pretty big movie.

There’s a lot of exposure on offer for any actor who’s able to land a part in the movie, and a promising future in action comedies for whoever gets to take on the coveted role of Domino.

So why doesn’t anyone want it?

It should be pointed out that these are only rumors at this point, but word on the street is that several actors have already been offered the chance to play Domino in the upcoming R-rated comic book film, and they’ve all turned it down.

Perhaps it’s the casting call that’s putting them off, as the description of the character that That Hashtag Show has discovered is some of the most awful tripe you’ll ever read:

“Female, All ethnicities, Late 20s – early 30s Sexy, lithe and athletic. She has a witty personality.

Neena is a no-nonsense badass who rarely shows her feeling. Highly capable, supremely confident and armored in… well ARMOR… and bullet-proof sarcasm. But beneath her shell she’s still and vulnerable and some soft, beating remnant of her humanity remains intact. In this scene we need to see both sides. When she can’t get what she needs with insults, bluster and threats we need to see some of that vulnerability. It’s hard for her to let down her guard, and in the mercenary community she grew up in showing compassion is almost embarrassing. We should feel like she’d be more comfortable killing Silberman than saying “Please”.”

Seriously?! “Beneath her shell she’s still and vulnerable and some soft, beating remnant of her humanity remains intact”? What utter and complete sickening garbage.

This all read as if it’s code for, “should look really hot and commanding in black leather, but should also be submissive to Ryan Reynolds’ every whim—in a sexy way”.

Again according to That Hashtag Show, two key British actors—Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sienna Miller—have already turned down the role, possibly because they saw any of Morena Baccarin’s scenes in the first movie, and decided they didn’t need the work that badly.

Now, apparently, Kerry Washington is screentesting for the role, but it remains to be seen whether Fox thinks her “soft, beating remnant of humanity” is ample enough to allow Ryan Reynolds an adequate opportunity to climb on top of her and ride her, either in a metaphorical, or, just as likely, a literal sense.

Of course, this is all rumors. For all we know, Fox has long since cast Domino, and the poor actor who’s taken the job is currently trying to memorize her lines without vomiting, all the while, trying not to think about how awkward and uncomfortable her gratuitous nude scene is going to be.

It’s kind of funny, really, that Deadpool is held up as the ironic comic book movie, which parodies comic book tropes by leaning into them as heavily as possible.

At some point, the line between ironic objectification of women, and the real thing, becomes hard to spot. Regardless, Deadpool crosses that line pretty darn early in its runtime, so it’s no wonder that several serious actors might want to think twice about getting naked on camera to let Ryan Reynolds thrust his mutated giblets at them.

This isn’t to say that there’s definitely a sex scene between Domino and Deadpool in the upcoming sequel—in fact, that’s pretty unlikely.

But something in that script is making actors seriously hesitant at taking on the role of Domino, and it’s not just that they’re friends of Tim Miller.

Whoever Fox finally coerces into playing Domino, there’s a good chance that she’ll have to be comfortable with being degraded and abused in the most disgusting way possible.

This is good news for perverts in the audience, but bad news for that actor’s future career.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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