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Now There's a Petition to Let Zack Snyder Direct More DCEU Films

Let's wind the clocks back a year. You guys were BEGGING Warner Brothers to remove Zack Snyder from the Justice League director's chair. As we learned at that time, however, internet petitions never, ever work. Ever. At least in the realm of movies. They're utterly worthless because you can get 10,000 morons to rally to any cause and a further 10,000 to rally around its polar opposite.

Hence, why we're here today with an entirely new group of aforementioned internet personae asking for Zack Snyder—the very man that ten months ago, you guys wanted off the Justice League movie—to direct The Batman. Since Ben Affleck announced he wouldn't be directing the film, some options have arisen—a lot of them viable. One name that has also cropped up is Zack Snyder thanks to a new petition over at Change.org. Here's an excerpt that helps to solidify the point I'll be making afterward...

Zack Snyder's commitment to source material, extraordinary visual style, and previous experience in the DCEU makes him the ideal candidate, especially when you factor in the influence Ben Affleck is still going to have on the film's story and dialogue. The two working together just might make the best comic book film we've seen yet.

Okay, but we tried that once and it didn't yield those results. Why try it again without radically changing the formula? If you do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results... Well, we all know how that sentence ends, right? It's printed right there on the bottom of your third marriage license. 

Hiring Zack Snyder to direct The Batman will flush him into his fourth DCEU film in a row. It's like you guys want him to keep making these movies so he can't make more personal films like Sucker Punch or something.

Wait a second! I know what you guys are up to. It's what the kids call trolling. Fine work. A+ trolling. Seriously.

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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