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New 'Logan' Clip Shows Off the Artsy Black and White Movie James Mangold Really Wanted To Make

Just in case is hasn’t been made entirely clear from all the trailers we’ve seen so far, Logan is not a direct adaptation of the comic book Old Man Logan by Mark Millar.

Old Man Logan is a gruesome tale of a post-apocalyptic world where supervillains rule supreme, and an aging, pacifist Wolverine is concerned with nothing but keeping his family alive on their small frontier farm.

In Logan, on the other hand, Wolverine is a grumpy limo driver who’s forced to cart rowdy bachelor parties around New Mexico’s various dull after-dark hotspots.

This latest clip, entitled Sunseeker, involves a beleaguered Logan going about his degrading day job (okay, night job, but you get the point) while attempting to negotiate on the price of a boat with someone’s voicemail.

It’s a weird clip.

Really, this bears absolutely no resemblance to any other trailer we’ve seen from official channels. That said, it does look a lot like the grim, black and white photos that James Mangold has been posting constantly on his Instagram.

It’s almost as if there are two completely different movies here.

One is a colorful Western, that can be seen in the movie’s various trailers, which seems to more closely match up with the aesthetic of Old Man Logan, albeit with some fun X-23 stuff sprinkled in for good measure.

The other is a gritty pulp movie, a kind of modern noire, that seems to amble its way through various non-sequitur scenes of life after dark.

You can see why this approach isn’t one that Fox wants to make an enormous deal of. Westerns are on the rise again, so a Wolverine cowboy movie is definitely something that the studio things will sell.

But Mangold’s vision of a black and white grump fest? That’s not going to attract Deadpool sized crowds of action junkies.

You’ve got to give Mangold credit where it’s due—he really is pushing his vision of a more artsy Logan. Maybe Fox doesn’t want that movie, but he’s shot the footage, and he’ll happily spool it out piecemeal on Instagram and in these little vignettes.



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One thing’s for certain; if this movie ever gets a director’s cut, it’s going to be the most balls to the wall crazy reworking of the theatrical release that we’ve seen in a long time.

That Taxi Driver vibe that this Sunseeker clip gives off? That’s no accident.

In many ways, it’s a shame that we won’t get Mangold’s personal vision of a more highbrow Logan.

If any movie would convince the Film and Motion Picture Academy that superhero movies are worth paying attention to, it’d be one shot in grainy black and white, which features a long, awkward voicemail monologue about a used boat.

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