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New 'Kong: Skull Island' Commercial and Confirmation of Post-Credits Stinger


We're less than a month away from the release of Kong: Skull Island, and we've somehow managed to avoid any kind of negative word of mouth. Usually these big budget movies are plagued by rumors of problems, but you've got to give director Jordan Vogt-Roberts for making a relatively controversy free special effects movie. 

This latest clip comes to us courtesy of Yahoo!, and shows off a meaty dialogue scene between Sam Jackson and John Goodman. The biggest disappointment from this is the sense that no matter how far away they try to go from the source material, the more they just can't let go of certain tropes like someone having to trick people into taking him to the island. Nevertheless, John C. Reilly's character is reason enough to get me in the theater. 

And once I'm in the theater, I'm gonna have to stay parked through the credits because—you guessed it—there will be a post-credits stinger to set up 2020's King Kong/Godzilla showdown. Splash Report editor in chief Kellvin Chavez posted the following on Twitter...

So there you have it folks, all the Kong news that's fit to print. And even some that's not.  

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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