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Mel Gibson in Talks to Direct Suicide Squad Sequel, Presumably Titled 'Sugartits Squad'

Back in September, I told you about how Mel Gibson thought Batman v Superman was a "piece of shit," but I also longed for him to get a shot at directing a comic book movie. Well, I may soon get my wish as the Oscar-winning director—and current Best Director Oscar nominee for Hacksaw Ridge—is apparently the front-runner to replace non-Oscar-winning director David Ayer at the helm of the sequel to Suicide Squad.

Deadline reported yesterday that Gibson was in talks to direct the film, and at a screening of Hacksaw Ridge last night, Gibson seemed to confirm the story...

During the Q&A session, the moderator asked, "So is this getting close to a deal or is it a first date?" To which Gibson replied, "It’s kind of a first date." via ComicBook.com

So, nothing's set in stone, but Variety's Justin Kroll later confirmed via Twitter that while Gibson is currently their first choice, there are other directors in the mix...

Warner Bros. is also considering Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), and Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), but Gibson is the frontrunner and can have the job if he wants it.

"Couple updates on the SUICIDE SQUAD director search since I posted after a few calls," Kroll tweeted. "First if Mel wants it, it's his." He added, "Will and Mel actually wanted to do THE ACCOUNTANT years ago but old regime didn't want Mel but shows how much Mel want to work with Will. That said still ways away from decision on this, stay tuned." via ComicBook.com

I get that not everyone is ready and willing to welcome Mel back into the fray, especially Rob Schneider, but would directing the sequel to Suicide Squad really do anyone any good? Probably not. Let Mel direct Iron Man IV, since that's what Downey always wanted anyway.

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Steve Attanasie

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