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Marvel Is Working On A Live Action 'Namor' Project, Claim Rumors

Heh. Well done, DC.

Your movie universe is pretty much the cinematic equivalent of a crusty dog turd that’s stuck to the boot of a tax collector. Your films might lack in quality, cohesion, accurate characterization, or any form of joy whatsoever.

But you’ve scared Marvel, and that’s not easy to do.

After all, what other than fear or extreme pettiness could see Marvel pushing ahead with a live action adaptation of Namor, the Sub-Mariner?

Now, this is only rumored at the moment, but if it proves true, it’ll hardly be surprising. Reel New Hawaii reports that, according to rumors across the island of Oahu, Marvel is gearing up for some kind of Namor filming project in the near future.

But do you know who else is scheduled to film on Oahu? Yes, that’s right—Aquaman.

Let’s all hope that someone gets footage of the finger-snapping, choreographed West Side Story dance fight that’ll no doubt ensue as two rival factions clash on the small Hawaiian island.

It makes sense that Marvel would want to get Namor involved in one of their many live action projects. While the character has been tied up in legal wrangling with Universal, Marvel has now apparently regained the rights to the character, and will want to use him.

After all, Namor is probably the most well-known character that Marvel hasn’t announced a movie or television show for by this point. He’s certainly more recognizable than the Guardians of the Galaxy, and look what Marvel achieved with them!

Considering the timing of this, though, it’s hard to see this as anything other than reactionary. With Aquaman about to start filming, it seems as if Marvel is attempting to steal some thunder from the one DCEU movie that looks like it might be half-way watchable.

Either Kevin Feige is feeling pretty vindictive at the moment, or Marvel is genuinely worried that if Aquaman gets its foot in the door, the DCEU might manage to turn into something more than a bad joke.

It doesn’t help that Namor The Sub-Mariner and Aquaman are essentially the same character. Both rule over underwater kingdoms and have a troubled relationship with surface dwellers. Both command fish and can swim really fast, but are otherwise fairly unhelpful in a fight.

Traditionally, Namor has been seen as (marginally) cooler than Aquaman, if only because he’s not ridiculously blond, but also because his somewhat more abrasive attitude, and his attempts to romance Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four are often pretty entertaining.

Now, of course, Aquaman is the cool one. The similarities between Jason Momoa’s version of the character and the standard dark-haired, legendarily short tempered Namor are pretty obvious. Momoa’s Aquaman certainly feels a lot more like Namor than Aquaman—at least to anyone who actually cares about the two fishiest superheroes to be able to tell them apart.

Perhaps this is why Marvel’s so interested in getting Namor into the public eye at the moment – they’re worried that, if they wait, their comic book accurate version of the character will be seen as a poor man’s Jason Momoa.

Perhaps the key is to go the other way, though. Maybe if DC is going to copy Namor for their underwater superhero, Marvel should make the MCU’s waterdweller a bit more like Aquaman.

A fair-haired, optimistic character who makes lots of jokes and just has a good time with his dolphin friends? That sounds a lot more like an MCU movie than a DCEU one anyway.

Do you know who’d do a great job with the role? How about Ex Machina and The Force Awakens star Domhnall Gleeson? Come on guys, let’s make it happen.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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