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Lucasfilm In Talks With British Comedian For CGI Character In Han Solo Movie

Someone at Lucasarts is currently rewarding themselves with a particularly large slice of cake.

There was a creator’s meeting, you see. There had to be with a story like this.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller had gotten together a bunch of senior writers and idea generators, plus a couple of interns and a janitor, in order to throw around some fresh ideas and see what they could come up with.

This certain someone, whoever they might be, croakily piped up, suggesting that perhaps, maybe, what Han Solo needs is some kind of alien sidekick?

Chris and Phil looked at each other. They’d finally managed to coax the shyest member of their team to make a suggestion. It’d be really rude to point out that Han Solo already has an alien sidekick. So, yes, they conceded, that was probably a good idea.

Before anyone could stop this mystery team member, they’d scampered off to come up with some design ideas.

A series of particularly polite decisions later, and Lucasfilm is looking to hire Phoebe Waller-Bridge to play a key CGI role in their upcoming movie, while everyone remains unsure as to how they’ll go about mentioning Chewbacca to their boss, who is gleefully munching on a large slab of carrot cake.

If you’ve not heard of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, you’re not alone—Variety broke this news story, and they’re so unfamiliar with this particular actor that they spelled her name wrong in the article.

If you have seen her, all you need to know is that she’s British. Very, very British.

Not the gruff, sweary, impolite British that you’d find in a Matthew Vaughn movie either—we’re talking the stuffy, repressed, classic British stereotype that makes you wince slightly in embarrassment.

Waller-Bridge has appeared in Broadchurch, Man Up, and The Iron Lady, all of which are about as thoroughly British as it’s possible to get without having the theme to a BBC Radio 4 soap opera as your ringtone.

She’s also got her own Amazon series, entitled Fleabag, where, if the trailer is any indication, she just goes from one posh dinner party to another, blushing horribly at all the improper things everyone is saying.

It’s just sickening, isn’t it?

So apparently, Waller-Bridge might end up in the Han Solo movie as some kind of CGI alien.

That’s neat? Maybe?

It’s really hard to see where Lucasfilm are going with this. While it’s nice to see a woman get the chance to do some motion capture, Chris Miller and Phil Lord must have some genius plan that’s not obviously apparent to the uninitiated.

Maybe it’s time we moved beyond such parallels, but the words “comedian”, “CGI”, and “Star Wars” still just bring up bad Jar Jar Binks memories.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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