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Lena Headey Wants DC To Hurry Up and Cast Her as Catwoman, Already!

Okay, let’s face it.

We all want to play Catwoman. It’s the role that everyone wants.

Michelle Pfeiffer has played Catwoman. Halle Berry has played her, albeit mysteriously wearing a dominatrix badger costume. Anne Hathaway has taken on the role, despite refusing to call herself Catwoman, because it’s the Nolanverse, and where everyone’s shy about admitting that they exist in a comic book movie world where the laws of nature make no sense.

You want to play Catwoman. I want to play Catwoman. It’s a cool role, and you get to slink around feeling like a sexy femme fatale, which is a totally acceptable desire regardless of gender.

(As long as you can avoid the badger costume.)

Many people will claim that they don’t want to dress up as Catwoman, and in fairness, some of them are telling the truth.

They’d rather dress as Black Cat, for an opportunity to cuddle up with Spider-Man instead of the Caped Crusader. That’s acceptable too.

While most of us will merely look longingly at pictures of Catwoman, dreaming of what might be, others are actually in a position to campaign for the role.

Among these are Lena Headey, who’s best know for her work on Game of Thrones, but who, when she’s not wearing her long blonde Cersei Lannister wig, has basically been in every key nerdy property of the past decade that doesn’t involve lightsabers.

You’ve seen her in 300. You’ve seen her in Dredd and The Sarah Conner Chronicles. She’s popped up in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and The Mortal Instruments. Simply put, she’s done pretty well for herself.

So when one fan took to Twitter to ask Headey why she’s not been cast as Catwoman in the DCEU already, her response was fairly on the nose:

Yep, pretty good question. Why not indeed?

David Ayer is currently working on Gotham City Sirens, and that no-doubt involves figuring out the perfect casting for Catwoman, among other key DC villainesses.

Let’s give credit where it’s due; for the most part, the DCEU is wonderfully cast. There are very few sour notes (cough cough Jesse Eisenberg cough cough cough) among the actors that have been hired to play iconic roles.

(Cough Jared Leto depending on your personal preference and how much you enjoy the work of Jim Carrey cough cough.)

So it’s likely that Lena Headey has most certainly crossed the mind of DC’s Higher Ups, and considering that David Ayer has proven that he’s not above objectifying the hell out of any female actor he’s given time with, you can bet that he’s considering how well the dark, slender Headey would do when wrapped up in leather and bending over in compromising positions.

Let’s not forget that someone at DC must have watched that scene in The Wolf of Wall Street and decided that Margot Robbie would be perfect for Harley Quinn.

That said, DC likes to keep us on our toes. Perhaps they’ll decide that Headey is too similar to Anne Hathaway, or they’ll aim for a completely different direction just to shake things up.

After all, everyone wants this role. You could throw a stone in Hollywood and hit eight people who’d gladly strap themselves into a leather jumpsuit to purr seductively at Ben Affleck.

As such, we should probably get a petition for the perfect Catwoman going.

DeVito deserves another chance in a Batman movie.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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