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Kevin Feige Dishes Major Plot Spoilers For ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’

You know things are going to be good when Kevin Feige utters the words, “this is sort of a spoiler”.

Boy does the Marvel Studios President deliver! Speaking to the press last year on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Feige dished up a wonderful plot point from the movie which, at director James Gunn’s behest, has been mostly kept completely secret.

Now, the press embargo on reporting details learned at this press visit has been lifted, and everyone’s going nuts.

Among all that was said during this visit, though, nothing is more interesting that this wonderful summary of how the Guardians end up getting into trouble at the start of their second movie. Apparently, the movie starts with a golden character called Ayesha, played by Elizabeth Debicki, hiring the Guardians to defeat a big scary space monster in order to retrieve expensive batteries that power her home planet of Sovereign.

According to Feige:

“She’s the one who hires the Ravagers to go after Quill because, and this is sort of a spoiler, so you should be a little careful about it, after the opening that I already described where they’re paid to protect these super-duper expensive batteries that run the entire Sovereign planet, they’re walking away.

“They’ve defeated the monster, they’re heading back to their ship, and Rocket reveals to Drax that he’s stolen like three of these batteries, because they’re really expensive and they’re not going to notice and 'Who cares?'”

Yes, who cares indeed?

Turns out, the Sovereign care. A lot. They end up putting a bounty on the Guardians, which the Ravagers take up, which is how Yondu and his troops end up messed up in the action.

“The Sovereign are kind of dicks anyway. They’re very pompous, and they’re gold and they’re easily offended, which we’re also told early in this sequence, and that there’s a very particular way you need to deal with them, and you need to speak with them and you need to be delicate, which is not easy for the Guardians, and certainly not easy when Rocket reveals that he’s snagged these things right out from under them, and that creates a bit of strife for them as the Sovereign end up chasing after them, less because they want those three batteries back, but more because how dare they insult the great Sovereign people.”

So, to recap, the central conflict at the heart of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is that our favorite rag-tag group of outerspace outlaws (well, our favorite group that isn’t led by Captain Malcolm Reynolds, anyway) deliberately disrespect a group of uptight golden pedants?

That’s perfect. That’s just what we want to see from the series—more of the Guardians dancing, mouthing off, and annoying the most self-important people in the galaxy.

This movie is going to rock.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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