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Josh Boone Shares Disturbing Concept Art of Maisie Williams As Wolfsbane

What is it with X-Men comics and furries?

Beast counts, that’s for certain.

Wolverine and Nightcrawler are both borderline. They’re not completely anthropomorphized animals, but there’s certainly an element of furriness to them.

Wolfsbane, while looking and acting very much like a werewolf, is another that falls into this category of decidedly furry humanoid superhero. It’s almost as if, long before the invention of X-23, a Marvel writer decided they wanted someone who was essentially Wolverine but with boobs.

Do you know what? Never mind about the furry obsession. That’s fine, each to their own. But why do so many people seem desperate for a female Wolverine in one form or another? Why is that a thing?

While Logan will give us an adorable pint-sized girly Wolverine clone, it seems that Josh Boone is eager to give us a post-pubescent version of the same. Nothing says sexy funtime, apparently, than a woman with a lot of hair glued onto the side of her face.

Game of Thrones fans can rejoice, because the woman in question is none other than Arya Stark, Maisie Williams herself. Maybe it’s her eyebrows that made Boone think she’d be a good fit for a half human, half wolf mutant? It’s difficult to tell exactly, but rumor has it that he’s been really pushing to cast her in New Mutants, the X-Men movie that’ll be one part Hunger Games, two parts Divergent, with a sprinkling of City of Bones and a dash of general The Fault in Our Stars.

Now, to help us all gain a better idea of where Boone’s vision for the movie is taking him, he’s shared some concept art of Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane.



Yuugh! There’s some nightmare fuel, in case you needed any.

It’s hard to tell what Boone intends to accomplish with his young adult X-Men movie. Throwing around concept art of Maisie Williams (supposedly this is meant to be Maisie Williams) with exceptionally hairy forearms doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the final movie.

But hey, Boone’s movies are nothing if not well regarded by their intended audience. Perhaps the fear of growing sideburns is alive and well among today’s modern teenage girl, and this piece of concept art is designed to normalize facial hair for women.

After all, it’s no bad thing if Fox is able to find a new, burgeoning audience for their upcoming X-Men movie. Some new blood falling in love with the fandom can only help to breathe diversity into our community.

Maybe this movie is going to be a pretty good thing, after all.

Yeesh. Then again, maybe not.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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