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Jason Momoa Praises Zack Snyder, Hits People With A Stick


Either Jason Momoa is really grateful for his role as Aquaman, or Zack Snyder has photos of him that Momoa needs to keep out of the public eye at all costs.

There’s no other explanation for why the actor behind the cool new Arthur Curry is so eager to brownnose Snyder at every available opportunity.

Momoa can’t possibly be namedropping Snyder with this regularity because he thinks it’ll help his Aquaman movie to sell more tickets—surely by now, everyone at DC knows that the Batman v Superman director is seen as more of a disgusting goblin creature with a schoolgirl fetish than an auteur director by most audiences.

Speaking with Digital Trends, Moma didn’t miss an opportunity to sign Snyder’s praises:

“Zack Snyder is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and I met him in the training stunt facility that I train at and I guess he really liked me because he later called me into his office and we talked about playing Aquaman. He had a really cool vision for what he wanted to do and how he wanted me to look. It’s kind of Zack’s baby.”


Aquaman is “Zack’s baby”? That’s not good news—not for anyone with the tiniest interest in watching a movie that has a coherent plot.

Don’t be surprised, if Zack Snyder is this heavily involved in the project, for it to transpire that Momoa’s Aquaman is actually a dream inside a flashback inside a fantasy that’s been created by the real Arthur Curry, who’s played by Rupert Grint. Stranger things have happened in the DCEU.

But, this is a DC movie, so whatever the flaws in narrative that might exist, the studio will attempt to paper over them with impressive action setpieces.

No time now to think about whether or not Aquaman is actually plugged into an Inception dream machine! He’s busy hitting people with sticks!

Here’s a video which proves that “hitting people with sticks” is definitely on Jason Momoa’s To Do list:


That’s it, Jason Momoa, you hit those people with sticks! No doubt this will be a very impressive fight in the final movie.

For now, let’s just give Jason a chance to get some of his aggression out, as he mentally plans a way to get all those incriminating photos away from Zack Snyder without alerting the police.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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