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'Doctor Strange' Deleted Scene Rightfully Earns That Title


Every now and again you'll come across a deleted scene that makes you think, "yeah, I could see adding that back into the movie," but it's not often. Most of them register like the one here from Doctor Strange, as nothing more than an instantly forgettable footnote to a mostly forgettable movie. It's not that the film was bad, it's just that I saw it, what, three months ago and I've mostly forgotten everything about it. 

Anyway, here's more of Mads Mikkelsen and friends, with a special spotlight on his buddy Scott Adkins, who is trying his damnedest to act circles around everyone else. I really wish they hadn't bothered to add in the visual effects, I would love to see what this goon looked like on set doing this.

Again, it's cool, but ultimately unnecessary, just like most everything Marvel cranks out these days. Doctor Strange hits DVD, Blu-ray, and 3D Blu-ray on February 28. 

Via Entertainment Weekly

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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