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'Deadpool 2' Script Writer Changes Are Untrue, Says Ryan Reynolds

You might want to start preparing for disappointment right now.

As bizarre as it might seem, last year’s surprise comic book movie success was Deadpool, a movie that is literally about Ryan Reynolds losing his pretty face and being embarrassed about what his fiancée will think of him.

Those who are anticipating that the movie’s sequel will be as high quality as the original, though, are probably going to be unimpressed with what comes next.

Not that Ryan Reynolds himself isn’t completely devoted to keeping morale high as Deadpool 2 moves closer to production. Amid rumors that writers Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick had left the project in favor of the guy who wrote The Martian, Reynolds rushed to Twitter to deny these rumors and to instead insist that Rheese and Wernick as still totally on board, you guys.

At this point, of course, Deadpool 2 can’t really afford to lose any more creatives. The first movie’s director, Tim Miller, is busy working on (among other things) a live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which is a project that has the word “rebound” written all over it.

Miller and Reynolds fell out at the beginning of plotting Deadpool 2 for obvious reasons. Miller felt that Reynolds was an enormous turd of a human being, and Reynolds disagreed.

The pair parted ways and quickly scrambled to fill the void in their lives that was left by the other – one person turned to John Wick co-director David Leitch, while the other found solace in the arms of a blue anthropomorphic rodent with a suspicious fondness for gold. We’ve all been there before.

To lose Rheese and Wernick as well is probably more than Deadpool 2 could handle at this stage, if only because it was by sheer accident that the first movie’s various players succeeded in making a decent film to begin with.

Substituting out too many elements of this first mix means weakening the potency of the formula, because as much as Reynolds claims to be the center of the universe, even he is aware that he needs a few little people around to do the menial tasks like writing all the words and pointing the camera at stuff.

So it’s no surprise that Ryan Reynolds is eager to assure fans that the original Deadpool writers are still hard at work on the script. It is a little disconcerting that they haven’t actually finished it yet, though – especially considering that it’s rumored the movie will start shooting in the beginning of May.

Movie studios seem to be doing this a lot lately when it comes to comic book movies. In the eagerness to get a film out, pre-production gets crunched down to as short a time period as possible, as it’s the most logical place for studios to sheer off time.

Deadpool 2 can’t be allowed half a decade of planning in the same way that the first movie was slowly put together year by year. If Fox is going to make as many of these as possible, the studio needs a sequel ready to go immediately.

This is bad news for creativity, though, as if the script for Deadpool 2 isn’t perfect before shooting begins, there aren’t a lot of chances to fix things. You can paper over cracks with reshoots, but this approach often makes plot holes all the more noticeable.

As such, don’t be too surprised if Deadpool 2 is a stinking hot pile of Ryan Reynolds.

Even the best writers in the world struggle to produce a good script when a Fox executive is cracking a whip behind them.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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