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Gangsta's Paradise Lost: Coolio Convinced He Was Going to Play Scarecrow in Scrapped 'Batman and Robin' Sequel

Coolio has a rather dubious history with comic book movies. He was very famously deleted from 2003's Daredevil because his subplot was apparently the only thing wrong with that movie. He also very briefly appeared in Batman & Robin as a character named "The Banker" who factored into that whole Alicia Silverstone/Chris O'Donnell motorcycle racing sequence. Now the rapper turned shill for a free porn website is saying that his small role in Batman & Robin was allegedly meant to set him up to return in that film's sequel as the main antagonist, The Scarecrow.

The only problem with that plan, according to Coolio anyway, is that he and the film's director Joel Schumacher didn't get along. Oh, and also because Batman & Robin was a steaming pile of shit... 

"[Batman & Robin] was the only Batman that didn't make money," Coolio told the Burleson Star. "I'm still sore about that a little bit, cause the only reason I did that part is because they promised me the villain part in the following Batman, which they didn't do, because Joel Schumacher - they fired him."

"He was supposed to do the two next ones," Coolio continued. "He and I didn't get along that good anyway - I mean he made a terrible Batman movie. But the next villain was supposed to be the Scarecrow. They didn't do it though. Maybe one day. I'm sure they won't come calling, though."

This explains so much about Coolio, namely the fact that he's perpetually living in 1999. Dude, they made that movie. It was called Batman Begins. It came out twelve years ago. This isn't a "they won't come calling" situation, it's a "they didn't come calling" situation. Oh well, at the very least, Coolio didn't have to live through 9/11, so that's good. 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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