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Captain America Metaphorically Punches Neo-Nazi in the Face, on Twitter

It's hard to avoid politics in entertainment these days, namely because 20% of our country's population decided to elect an entertainer to the highest office in the land. Therefore, when shit's going down in the real world that's akin to a comic book storyline, it's up to a fake superhero to combat said shit. Chris Evans—aka the guy whose devastating good looks mean that you should totally hate his guts, but you just can't*—wanted people to see that one of the more prominent racists in the land, David Duke, touted the appointment of a man deemed too racist to be a federal judge thirty god damned years ago to the post of prosecutor in chief.

If perchance you don't know who David Duke is, he's what they'll refer to as a "former KKK leader" in the press, but there's no such thing as a former racist white supremacist. That's not a real thing. But Duke can take off his robe and appear to be a normal person. Now, like Aldo Raine once said, "we like our Nazis in uniform. That way we can spot 'em just like that. But you take off that uniform, ain't no one ever gonna know you were a Nazi. And that don't sit well with us."

He then carves a swastika into that guy's forehead, but that's a bit extreme. Captain America isn't once for taking scalps. He prefers to punch Nazis in the face, and if he can't do it in person, he'll do it on Twitter. 

Duke posted the following tweet immediately after the news came down that Jeff Sessions, the aforementioned guy who was too racist to be a federal judge in the 80s, had been confirmed by the Senate as our new Attorney General...


The link in there is to a piece Duke wrote about how that triumvirate of men, along with our commander in chief, are going to "take America back," which is a racist's way of saying, "we're gonna wind the clock back to the time before civil rights." Chris Evans—who isn't really Captain America, but rather plays him in the movies—pointed out that people should have a shiver up their spine when they realize that these are the kinds of men happy about Sessions' appointment...

Not being one to let things die, Duke responded in turn...

First things first here, Dukie, you can't call someone dumb when you wear a wig this offensively bad...

Second, way to change the subject. Thankfully Evans tactfully and graciously shuts this wig wearing piece of shit down...

 He then tweeted...


Regardless of your politics, when a racist white supremacist KKK leader is in favor of something, you've got to think to yourself that it's probably something objectively awful. Thankfully, we have a real fake superhero to punch those kinds of assholes in the face in the only way one can do without being charged with assault... And that's on Twitter. Where facts and opinions are basically the same thing, and simply believing something makes it true.  

*If you seriously still dislike Chris Evans for whatever childish reason, watch Scott Pilgrim.

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Steve Attanasie

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