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Zack Snyder Promises to Butcher Wonder Woman’s Character in ‘Justice League’

No, Zack Snyder, no!

Not Wonder Woman, too! Haven’t you done enough to completely misrepresent DC’s pantheon of heroes?

Speaking recently about how Diana Prince fits in with his wider Justice League concept, Snyder explained how Wonder Woman has “evolved” and “embraced mankind” in the new movie.

This is, of course, Snyderese for “she’s as much of an asshat as my version of Superman and Batman.”

Remember how Snyder used Man of Steel and Batman v Superman to rework both of these superheroes into characters that are very happy to murder their enemies, or to stand by and watch innocent people suffer and die?

Well now, it’s Wonder Woman’s turn. Here’s the full quote:

“[In her solo movie, Diana will learn that] humanity isn’t always the most kind and awesome thing. It has its moments, but it can be brutal, and her coming to terms with that dichotomy is what we come to learn about her.

“And in Justice League, she’s fully evolved into someone who’s embraced mankind, partly through Superman’s sacrifice. She’s like, ‘All right, I’ve got to pick it up.’”

Sure, this quote sounds innocuous enough, but this is Zack Snyder we’re talking about. When a normal person looks at a corpse, they feel sad. Zack Snyder simply feels that this is the way all humans are meant to be: dead meat sacks to be flung around at random.

A normal person sees Superman as a beacon of hope. Zack Snyder sees him as an unrealistic ideal who’s better off murdering as many people as possible to achieve his goals.

Normal people applaud Batman’s refusal to take human lives. Zack Snyder decides that Batman is stupid to try and avoid casualties, and he’s better off locking people in rooms with live grenades and pretending that he’s not responsible for the resulting rain of blood and organs.

So when Zack Snyder says that Diana has “evolved”, it’s fair to assume he means that she’s become a merciless killer. When he says that she’s “coming to terms” with humanity’s most “brutal” elements, it means that she’s embraced the Dark Side.

So, that’ll be fun, right? Seeing a feminist icon taking someone’s head off with her shield, just because they were ahead of her in the line at Subway?

Apparently, though, from other reports, it sounds like we’ll be getting a trip to Arkham in Justice League, with the movie casting calls requiring “Arkham Guards” and “Lex Luthor’s Guard”.

We know that Lex is coming back, again played by the apparently irreplaceable Jesse Eisenberg (presumably nobody else wanted the job after he ruined the character).

Maybe, then, Diana’s embracing of humanity involves taking a trip to Arkham to beat the ever-living snot out of Mark Zuckerberg’s movie face? Or perhaps she’ll just drop a meteor on the facility and solve all of Batman’s problems forever.

If Wonder Woman is going to evolve into a stone cold killer in this movie, she might as well do something practical, right?

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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