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'Rogue One' Deleted Scenes Teased in New Images

One thing that most people were up in arms about regarding Rogue One is the fact that so much footage from the trailer was absent from the film. While I'm certainly not buying the Disney company line that "trailer houses do this kind of thing all the time, we warned them when they decided to do it," I'm also not sold on the notion that a number of variations of multiple scenes were considered.

Take, for example, the film's climax where the action is spread across three locales—The Death Star, the beach on Scarif, and the archive tower. Photos like the one above showing Jyn and Cassian on the beach, along with footage from the trailer that shows the two running as the AT-ACT's bear down on them, leads me to believe that Gareth Edwards deliberately wanted all of his heroes to die together on the beach. Disney probably said to themselves, "but wait, we normally have three locations in these Star Wars climaxes, so we're gonna have to go back and redo that," leading to Jyn and Cassian making it to the beach after they've completed their task.  

Here's another one of Krennic with his weapon drawn, something he doesn't do until the climax of the film. Judging by the people around him, this is the scene where he and Tarkin have the standoff after the destruction of Jedha. Who knows what the hell he's doing with his weapon out, but I suppose it makes him less pitiable when we see he's just another short-tempered villain in a universe rife with them. 

Then we have another look at Jyn Erso, sans shackles, at the Rebel base on Yavin IV. This was probably right before she got on board Cassian's ship to go to Jedha, and since it looks fairly innocuous, it'll probably be one of the deleted scenes that actually shows up on the Blu-ray. 

If you're interested in seeing more pics like these, including a bunch of promotional and behind the scenes stills, head over to /Film!

I'll leave you with this promotional image of Darth Vader...

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Steve Attanasie

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