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Production Designer Promises Plenty of Planet Hopping in 'Infinity War'

Marvel is pushing its cosmic movies hard.

Grounded political thrillers with superhero mascots are out. Intergalactic warfare on distant, beautiful planetoids are in.

This year we’re getting Thor: Ragnarok and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. 2018 will deliver Infinity War, and 2019 is Captain Marvel.

Sure, we’re also getting Spider-Man: Homecoming, and yes, Black Panther will likely be a lot more grounded (as much as is possible in a fiction science fiction country). But there’s definitely a strong alien planet vibe among Marvel’s upcoming movies.

It’s almost as if, with Star Wars returning to dominate the box office, Marvel figured they’d better segue from comic book movies to space operas.

Hey, this plan of attack hasn’t let them down yet.

In typical Marvel form, though, the studio isn’t going to stand still and rest on its laurels. They successfully convinced us to sit through a drug trip movie with Doctor Strange, so now they’re going all out, as if the first twenty minutes of Rogue One was just practice for the planet-hopping we’ll be getting in Infinity War.

Here’s what production designer Charles Wood had to say on all the sights and sounds of the upcoming galactic Avengers movie:

“Any time you turn that page on this script, you're kind of staggered, blown away, terrified by what's in front of you. I think rather like Doctor Strange, you’ll find this film, it’s not regurgitative, yeah? What I’m trying to say, is, there are many, many, many new worlds to see in this film.”

Now, the question of whether Doctor Strange is regurgitative notwithstanding (in one sense, it did kind of replicate Inception, and in another sense, audiences who saw the movie in IMAX might have felt inclined to regurgitate something), it sounds like big things are afoot for Infinity War.

After all, once you’ve convinced audiences that Kurt Russell exists as a giant sentient planet within your fictional universe, you can essentially do whatever you feel like.

Basically, from the sounds of things, the Avengers aren’t going to be staying on Terra Firma. Get ready for Captain America punching symbiotes, and Iron Man neck deep in the Brood.

We assume he won’t be enjoying this, but with Robert Downey Jr, anything is possible.

All of this means that we’re very rapidly moving towards a cinematic universe where, with enough pinching and squeezing, literally any cockamamie idea from comics can become a reality.

Perhaps we already reached that point when Howard the Duck entered canon and nobody batted an eye.

If that’s the case, and if we’re not getting the Planet Hulk movie that we all desperately want for Avengers 4, perhaps we can get one of the most awesome comic book villains of all time as the Big Bad in the movie after Infinity War:

The Elf with a Gun.

He deserves a time to shine.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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