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Pic Leaks of Black Suit Superman... But There's No Mullet!!!!

The very first piece of fan art we saw for this November's Justice League centered around Henry Cavill's Superman coming back to life in the DCEU and sporting a sweet mullet! That was what we all wanted, but it's apparently not what we're going to get. 

If you believe a very blurry leaked picture posted on a Spanish language Twitter account, Henry Cavill will be in the black suit when he returns, but he looks otherwise identical to how he looked in his last two DCEU films...

Who knows, it might be a color corrected still from Man of Steel for all I know, I'm not watching that god damned movie ever again. This could be another fake out, or it could be a legit picture posted in the oddest of places. Could go either way with DC these days. 

Via Twitter

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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