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Phil Lord and Chris Miller Kick Off the Han Solo Movie on the Right Foot


Three words that have polarized Star Wars fandom for twenty years (as of today): "Han Shot First." Rearrange those words and what have you got? You've got "Han First Shot" which is the cheeky way director Chris Miller let the world know that production has commenced on the upcoming Han Solo origin film

Honestly, this is the one Star Wars movie on the schedule everyone's a little leery about, and for good reason. This isn't really a story that we need, but rather one that everyone in charge seems to think we want. Movie studios are famous for confusing needs and wants; it's pretty much the centerpiece of their business model: Give the people what they want, even when it flies in the face of what they need. 

Anyway, the fact that Chris Miller and Phil Lord are in charge gives me a modicum of hope that this won't be a wasted effort, though I'm still not sure how their sardonic style meshes with the Star Wars universe. Thankfully Woody Harrelson will be on hand to further muddy those waters. Jesus, I really just don't know what to think about this one. It literally could go either way. At the very least, they knew enough to release this image on the 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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