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Peter Dinklage's Haircut Spawns New 'Infinity War' Speculation

Alas, Peter Dinklage is not playing M.O.D.O.K. in Infinity War.

Surprisingly, though, it turns out that some guy on 4Chan has actually given us a decent piece of casting news for the upcoming movie.

When the rumor started circulating that the Game of Thrones star will be appearing in the MCU, many questioned the legitimacy of any rumors that comes from 4Chan. Then it was formally announced that Marvel was in early talks with the actor, proving that even the scuzziest place on the internet gets some things right on occasion.

But how did the talks between Dinklage and Marvel end? Did he take the role they offered him—we’ve never received confirmation.

Until now. The Dink most definitely is in the film.

We assume. But we’ve got a pretty good reason to believe this.

He got a haircut.

Yes, obviously, this isn’t a guaranteed certainty that Dinklage is in Infinity War. Plenty of people get haircuts every day without being cast in Marvel movies (although why anyone bothers if they’re not going to be meeting Stan Lee is a mystery).

But just take a second and look at the haircut in question.

Yep. That’s definitely a comic book hair style. Look at it—bright red, plenty of volume. The Dink must be appearing in the next Avengers movie, as there’s no logical reason for him to wear this ridiculous getup in public.

The prevailing theory surrounding these luscious locks is that Dinklage will be playing Pip the Troll, a redhaired alien who has ties to the Guardians of the Galaxy in comics.

But this assumption ignores obvious incontrovertible evidence. There’s a far more obvious character in the MCU that Dinklage is most likely playing.

Think about it. What character in Marvel comics has beautiful, bright red hair?

Which character has yet to appear in an MCU movie, despite having a long and illustrious Kirsten Dunst shaped history in cinematic adaptations?

Who among all Marvel’s character was the source of the biggest unconfirmed casting rumor of 2016?

Why did Zendaya get in trouble for denying that she was playing a certain comic book icon?

Yes, you’ve guessed it. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense.

Peter Dinklage is playing Mary Jane Watson.

Roll your eyes if you must, but Marvel hasn’t expressly denied this new casting theory just yet. That means it must be true.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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