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No, Jeff Bridges Isn't Darkseid in 'Justice League'

Jeff Bridges is definitely confirmed to be playing Darkseid in Justice League! It’s a complete, dead, set, iron-clad certainty!

Except, actually, it’s none of those things.

Do you want to know who broke the news of this stellar casting?

It was the most trusted of online sources: some guy.

Yep, some guy, some insignificant, unimportant person on one side of the internet that now can’t be located, has been spreading rumors that Jeff Bridges will be appearing in Justice League as the main villain.

There is no evidence to support this claim, and yet it has spread like wildfire.

Why? Because we live in a post-truth world, and in comic book movie terms, this means that fans are willing to believe whatever they’re told by news outlets, no matter how shady, simply because they like the sound of it.

Jeff Bridges is great! He’d be a perfect choice for Darkseid. That’s all it takes for online publications such as the Inquisitr to start reporting on it. Sure, the Inquisitr might be a hack rag (I’m mostly only saying that because their pay sucks), but people read it, forget the word “rumor” in its story title, and suddenly, one guy’s opinion on good Darkseid casting is believed by a larger portion of the internet.

Then far more legitimate and trustworthy websites start repeating this news, and eventually thousands of fans are disappointed when it turns out that Jeff Bridges doesn’t even know who or what a Darkseid is.

Besides, let’s be honest: it doesn’t matter if Darkseid is in the movie at all. Remember Doomsday? Remember how well that went down, when a generic CGI monster turns up to wreck stuff for a while, just to give Superman and Batman something to do once they’d inexplicably made friends?

It’s not like quickly squeezing Darkseid into Justice League will give DC the leg up over Marvel that the studio is looking for. Even if he appears in a movie before Infinity War, most moviegoers will still just think he’s a rip-off of Thanos or Apocalypse, depending on how colorful DC decides to make him.

Do you know who would work better as a antagonist for Justice League? Who would be perfect for Zack Snyder’s vision of DC’s noble heroes to fight? Jeff Bridges.

No, not Jeff Bridges playing a giant monster, or any other role for that matter. Just normal, vanilla Jeff Bridges.

Have the Justice League mob him in a parking lot as he leaves a film set. They can all just trash an unprepared, hopelessly outmatched opponent for no reason other than to flip humanity the middle finger.

If that sounds like an awful premise to you, go watch literally any Zack Snyder movie.

It’s pretty apparent that all he wants to do is show Superman beating people up for his own sick amusement.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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