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New ‘Lego Batman Movie’ TV Spots Prove That It’s Great To Be Batman

Let’s be honest: there’s a very good reason why Batman is such a popular superhero.

It’s not that he has a cool costume, or super awesome gadgets.

It’s not that he wastes most of his days setting up elaborate ways to display his logo or to broodily stand on a precarious ledge (no matter what the Christopher Nolan movies might have taught you).

No, the real reason why everybody wants to be Batman is simple: he has no friends.

No colleagues. No family. What a way to live!

Think of it. No awkward birthday parties. No Candy Crush notifications.

No office Secret Santas. No family weddings.

Batman is living the great life.

It’s a point that’s hammered home in several new TV spots for the upcoming Lego Batman Movie, which point out just how much fun Batman has all by himself, rocking out on his guitar in the Batcave, and hiding from the sun after coming home in the early hours of the morning.


Of course, whenever someone in a movie has this kind of sweet set up, you know someone’s going to turn up to ruin it. The old guy in Up got stuck with that annoying kid, and something similar happened when Hugh Grant got blackmailed by a young Beast in About A Boy.

Movie characters who live alone and don’t associate with anyone eventually get forced to bond with people, which is the opposite of what they want at the beginning of the film. These movies are essentially How To guides for generating Stockholm Syndrome.


But according to these new trailers, The Lego Batman Movie will give us plenty of laughs in between disturbing scenes of Robin trying to emotionally manipulate Batman.

One TV spot drops some pretty awesome supervillain names, including none other than the Condiment King...


(No, not John Candy from Home Alone. You’re thinking of the Polka King of the Midwest. Totally different king.)

As we’ve said before, it’s fabulous to see so many classic yet bizarrely overlooked Batman villains getting their chance to shine on the big screen.

Sure, Calendar Man turned up in that one Arkham game, but otherwise a lot of these villains have never really fit into modern, overly dark and edgy Batman stories.

Maybe there’s room for a little more levity in Bruce Wayne’s world. Maybe The Lego Batman Movie will have us rethinking whether Joel Schumacher’s take on the Dark Knight was really as bad as we thought it was at the time.

Then again, maybe not.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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