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Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus Will Return for 'Deadpool 2'

Maybe as you’ve been watching all the infighting and bickering surrounding who directs Deadpool 2, and you’ve been thinking to yourself, “that’s all fair and good, but will Negasonic Teenage Warhead be coming back?”

Well, good news—it’s been confirmed that both NTW and the enormous Russian metalman, Colossus, are definitely in the Deadpool sequel.

Although, that said, don’t get too attached to the idea of more screentime for the pair, as even the movie’s writers aren’t overflowing with confidence that they’ll be given starring roles:

“PAUL WERNICK: I can’t say how much they are…

RHETT REESE: I think we can say. Yeah, they’ll be in the sequel.

WERNICK: Yeah, they’ll make at least an appearance.”

So, good. There’ll be “at least an appearance”.

Either Reese and Wernick are being deliberately shrewd about admitting to a larger role for the pair, or there are big plans afoot that involve taking the series away from these X-Men in favor of focusing on Cable and Domino, who are also to appear in the movie.

This does make sense—after all, why limit the possibilities for the sequel by using all the same characters as the last movie. We’ve seen how good Deadpool is at annoying the earnest and patient Colossus, so now let’s see him bothering the far more trigger-happy Cable for a bit.

There’s plenty more opportunities to see Ryan Reynolds getting shot in the head if Colossus stays out of the way, so for that reason alone, it’s better if the character only makes a brief appearance.

Oh, and speaking of Entertainment Weekly’s 2016 Man of the Year (and Double Viking’s Loudmouth of the Decade), here’s some little video thingy that Reynolds tweeted this week.



Bless him, it looks like he really tried hard with that. He probably did more than one take of the audio, and asked the editor to use their sparkliest font.

It’s hard to tell whether this “for your consideration” video is a serious attempt to get some Oscars love, or whether the marketing campaign behind Deadpool are still just trying to wring a few extra Blu-Ray sales out of any and all public discussion surrounding the film.

What matters, though, is that soon all this talk of Deadpool getting nominated for an Academy Award will be over, and we’ll never, ever have to talk about Ryan Reynolds again.

Right? That’s how this is going to work?



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Matthew Loffhagen

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