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Liv Tyler Rumored To Return For 'Infinity War' and Future 'Avengers' Movie

Hey guys! Hey, hey hey guys!

If you could have any actor from early MCU movies make a triumphant return to the series, who would it be?

No, not Terrence Howard. Never Terrence Howard.

The correct answer is Liv Tyler, who played the version of Bruce Banner’s love interest Betty Ross least likely to have a sibling kidnapped by the Goblin King.

Well if you, like any sane fan of Aerosmith’s children, are desperately awaiting the day that Betty Ross returns to the MCU in full Liv Tyler glory, good news! You might just be getting exactly what you want!

Now, it’s important to note that these rumors are pretty sketchy at the moment. The early reports seem to come from a UK newspaper who are getting excited because there’ll be additional Scottish accents present in Infinity War and its untitled sequel—apparently, the movies will film in Glasgow and Edinburgh, making it the most exciting thing to happen in Scotland since 1603.

Among the list of names of actors that’ll be appearing in the movies, the Daily Record provides us with Liv Tyler, in such an offhand way it’s questionable that the paper knew that this would be a big deal.

It’s also entirely possible that someone at the Daily Record just googled MCU and grabbed a bunch of names that popped up, without any regard for who is actually in the movie.

So, these rumors of Liv Tyler’s return to the MCU should definitely be taken with a Hulksized grain of salt.

That said, if it does prove true, and Betty Ross will be returning to Marvel movies, get ready for some serious Hulk action. There’s only one reason to bring back Betty at this time.

World War Friggin’ Hulk.

We’re getting a Planet Hulk adaptation, at least in part. That’s pretty clear from everything we’ve heard about Thor: Ragnarok so far.

But Planet Hulk was only ever a prequel story in the comics. It was designed to lead straight into World War Hulk, where an enraged green monster trampled his former friends and family in revenge for the destruction of the planet Sakaar.

Not to get too spoilery, but in the comics, Bruce Banner’s former sidekick Rick Jones turns up to try and stop Hulk’s rampage. As the character is missing from the MCU, it makes sense to use Banner’s love interest, Betty Ross, in Jones’ place.

In fact, this would even go so far as to explain why General Thunderbolt Ross reappeared for Civil War. It would seem that Marvel isn’t ashamed of the Universal Incredible Hulk movie after all, and has been testing the water with introducing characters from the movie into the wider MCU in preparation for Betty’s return.

Heck, we could even get The Leader, as teased in the movie.

Or, alternatively, this is all just speculation based on a hastily written and inaccurate news story from a glorified local paper.

We should probably not get too excited over this whole Liv Tyler rumor.

But where’s the fun in that?! Bring on World War Hulk!

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