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James McAvoy Will Only Return to ‘X-Men’ For “A Really Good Part”

Ooh, careful there, James McAvoy.

Each of your X-Men movies has dropped in quality compared to the one before.

First Class was tight, action-packed, grounded, and emotional.

Days of Future Past meandered a bit and got a little silly at times, but otherwise was fairly solid.

Apocalypse should never have been made.

We completely understand your hesitation at doing any more lackluster X-Men movies. Frankly, we’re thrilled that you’re more discerning than some actors involved with the franchise, and we’re glad that you’re sticking up for those in the production team that want to make a decent movie, rather than just taking an easy paycheck and calling things good.

But James, you might want to be careful about being too emphatic about avoiding bad X-Men titles in future. Because now, if you choose to do a movie, and it turns out awful, fans are going to blame you for tricking them into seeing a substandard film.

Speaking about his plans for continuing with the X-Men movie series (and possibly responding to rumors that he’s a sure inclusion in New Mutants, the baby Professor X gave an emphatic assurance that his face is only going to be associated with quality.

“If they offer me a really good part, I’ll be in. If it’s not a really good part, I’ll be like ‘Eh, I’ll think about it.’ But I’ve always loved playing Charles and I’ve always had pretty interesting things to do as Charles, so if that continues, then yeah, of course I’d love to take part.”

Without a doubt, more actors should take the attitude of only doing good movies, rather than getting mired in crud for the sake of a paycheck.

That said, nobody (who doesn’t work for DC) sets out to make a bad film. It’s just something that kind of happens over the course of a production period, as well laid plans fall apart, or a script is rewritten to accommodate studio feedback, or a project simply turns out to be less enjoyable on-screen than it did on paper.

For the most part, we as fans don’t tend to get too upset with an actor if they end up starring in a bad movie, or even if they deliver an awful performance. Natalie Portman’s career somehow survived Attack of the Clones, and Eddie Redmayne was barely slowed down by Jupiter Ascending.


We’re all awaiting Logan with more anticipation and excitement than we had for any previous Hugh Jackman solo movie, despite the previous entries in the series ranging from forgettable to downright abominably bad.

We can forgive an actor for a bad movie. It’s a lot harder, though, to forgive them for lying about a movie’s quality during press junkets.

Say, for example, and actor promises not to do any more terrible X-Men movies, and then they appear in New Mutants, which attempts to jam ridiculous magic into an already overly bloated franchise.

Thanks for your insistence on sticking to good scripts, James McAvoy, but you might just wish you hadn’t said this out loud.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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