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Is John Cleese Hinting At a Role In An Upcoming DC Movie?

Oh, that John Cleese!

Whatever will he think of next? With his witty dialogue, his silly walks, and all those other precious Monty Python moments! Classic comedy!

Now, the celebrated comedian has invented a hilarious new character—Guy Who Reads Comics!

Do you get the joke? It’s your life. John Cleese thinks your life is a joke.

Okay, no, that’s not the point of Cleese’s recent Twitter photo, but it’s hard not to imagine that he’s being subtly offensive with everything he says.

The man’s natural cadence and rhythm when talking makes it sound like every syllable is dripping with sarcasm and contempt, albeit in a slightly more affable manner than that of the late Alan Rickman.

As such, Cleese can’t come out and say “I’ve been cast in a superhero movie”. Nobody would believe him—they’d assume it’s some wry joke that they haven’t figured out the punchline for.

Instead, Cleese has to play a more subtle game. Take a photo of some books, show he’s doing his homework for a role.

This is exactly what he’s done.

See those graphic novels on his table? They’re Batman Noir: Black Mirror, Justice League Origin, and The Dark Knight Returns. All perfect for researching the role of Bruce Wayne.

The presence of these books fit perfectly with rumors that bounced around the internet during the latter months of last year, suggesting that Cleese was up for a role in Justice League or another similar movie.

Geoff Johns followed Cleese on Twitter, which of course is all the evidence fans need to begin speculating.

Except, of course, that this time there seems to be something to the rumors. So who is John Cleese playing in an upcoming DC movie? Someone connected to Batman, no doubt, based on the book choies?

Is Cleese going to be a villain? Sadly, The Joker is already (regrettably) taken, unless DC wants to actually run with that fan theory that Jared Leto is Jason Todd, driven insane by an older, more formidable Joker.

There are plenty of other villains that a comedian would do a good job with. Cleese would be a fantastic Riddler, spitting out linguistic puzzles in a far more sarcastic and snide manner than that of Jim Carrey.

Or, maybe Cleese will play a different character from the Batman mythos. The DCEU has a Commissioner Gordon, but it doesn’t have a Robin yet.

That could work. Maybe.

DC also needs a Batgirl. Just sayin’.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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