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If WB is Serious About Fixing the DCEU, They Need to Dump Jared Leto

Any sports fan knows that whenever a poorly assembled team of multimillionaires fails to make any sort of substantial run at the postseason, they fire the coach as a gesture that says to the fans, "We know you're upset, and we're taking at least one small and likely incredibly insignificant step towards making you happy."

Movies are kinda the same way, except they tend to blame directors in the same way sports organizations blame coaches. Yeah, they're the person most directly responsible for the finished product, but in nine failures out of ten, they weren't the biggest problem, but they get the lion's share of the blame. 

Therefore, when WB and DC decided not to drop Zack Snyder as the director of Justice League, they sent a clear, concise message to the fan base: This guy's not the problem, everything else is the problem, and now they're forcing Zack Snyder to direct a film with a completely different tone than he's used to. It would be like the Chicago Bears saying, "John Fox isn't the problem, the problem is that we're playing football when, clearly, we should be playing tennis." 

Well, I have an actual solution that will help Hollywood to not make the same mistakes that sports executives make constantly. Fire Jared Leto, in a very big, very public way. Hindsight has proven that his antics were not even remotely worth the results they delivered, and he's kind of indicative of everything that's wrong with these movies in the first place. 

First off, absolutely none of those "crazy things" he did behind the scenes helped to deepen the film or his relationship to any of the characters in it. I think an actor's method is only as good as the finished product that method helped them achieve, and judging solely on that criteria, this was an A+ disconnect between level of method insanity and performance results. 

Anyone else in any other field would get fired if their performance review was this bad. You can't mail used condoms to your co-workers unless you're planning to deliver a Daniel Day-Lewis-esque performance destined for universal acclaim. The level of shit Leto forced the studio to shovel on his account was hardly merited when his performance turned out to be flat out terrible. 

Fire this motherfucker, WB. He's not worth the headache, and absolutely NO ONE wants to see him and Batfleck go toe-to-toe in his movie. Admit that this was a mistake and take the steps to correct it. Don't just continue to stubbornly push forward with a take on an iconic character that absolutely no one admired, appreciated, or even liked. 

I'm glad WB didn't go the professional sports route like Fox did with Josh Trank on Fant4stic Four. It's clear that film's shortcomings weren't solely their director's doing, but they almost never are. It takes balls to admit you were wrong and to fix a problem, but if you're willing to address other problems with your films, it's going to look weird that you're ignoring this rather substantial problem. 

For goodness sake, don't bring him back for another movie. Just do fucking get rid of him, already. We've all stayed in toxic relationships far longer than was healthy or necessary. Break the cycle, WB. Dump this asshole. 

Steve attanasie

Steve Attanasie

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