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I Shouldn't Be Enjoying This As Much As I Do: Rob Liefeld Goes To Golden Globes, Is Mistaken For Eager Fanboy

I love the 90s Rob Liefeld comic aesthetic in the same way that I love Batman Forever, The Room, and Cool As Ice—because it's unapologetic and earnest and hopelessly, completely unaware of it's own awfulness. Between the ridiculous rack-to-waist ratio for both men AND women, outdated feathered hair, roughly one million pockets and lack of feet, Rob Liefeld is a comics legend for all the wrong reasons and proof that you can, indeed, fail upwards. 

I'm honestly stymied by how he became popular, so any Rob Liefeld story fascinates me to no end, and this one is the best—while on the red carpet for the Golden Globes, Rob was mistaken by THR reporter Chris Gardner for a fan taking a selfie with Donald Glover

Gardner was quick to correct himself when the internet pointed out who Liefeld was, but he still managed to get it wrong:

Genius?  LIEFELD? That's laying it on thick. Like, Vegemite thick. Also, someone needs to explain to Gardner how a "selfie" works—namely, that it's not a selfie if someone else besides the subject is taking the picture. 

Brandy dawley

Brandy Dawley

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