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Five Actors Who Could Replace Ben Affleck as Batman

Depending upon whom you listen to, Ben Affleck is either going to be Batman for the rest of forever or he's quitting before the next movie gets made. He's going to give up the cowl eventually, so let's just—for the sake of something fun to do while we sit around and wait to die—speculate on actors who could take over the role today. 

Let's assume the look and feel of the DCEU isn't going to radically change, so we're looking for actors who aren't currently affiliated with any specific comic book characters and who presumably have multiple film contracts. Here are the top five guys I think could step in today and get this thing done...

Jon Hamm

If you want a handsome devil who can deliver a conflicted hero, trying to do the right thing despite his darker impulses, no one does that better than Jon Hamm. He's been getting in touch with his comedy chops lately, and that's great and all, but he needs to come back to a decently written character and add some depth to these god damned movies. Jon Hamm and Jeremy Irons going toe to toe as Bruce and Alfred? Yes please. While the Batman-ing is a big question mark, that's what stunt doubles were born to do. Jon Hamm, on the other hand, was born to romance twenty five year old female ingenues and not be a fucking creep about it—I'm looking at you Spacey! Plus, Bat-Hamm! Come on! 


Matthew Lewis

Poor Matthew Lewis grew up awkward in those Harry Potter movies, but he got the last laugh because he looks like an underwear model now. Give him his own franchise so he can rub yet one more thing in Tom Felton's face.


Skinny Jonah Hill

Okay, so this one would require everyone's favorite two time Oscar-nominee to get back into fighting shape. He was super skinny in 21 Jump Street, let himself go a bit for Wolf of Wall Street, but took off some weight for 22 Jump Street. Then I saw him in War Dogs and knew that the days of skinny Jonah Hill were over. Well I say no more. He looks like Val Kilmer in the cowl, and he was one of the best Batmen ever (I guess), so let's get him back down to 21 Jump Street weight and suit him up. One other potential problem, though, is getting his monstrous ears under a cowl. 


Zach Braff

Ah, fuck it. It would be satisfying to watch him get the shit beaten out of him, but the fact that he'd ultimately have to win wouldn't make this as much fun. He also looks too much like Garry Shandling for me to be truly comfortable with this. 


Judd Hirsch

He'd be more the aged Clooney Batman. Logan will make the old man superhero cool again, and Judd Hirsch nicely fills the void as a sad, old, complaining, back aching, visiting the urologist kinda Batman. Batman’s worst enemy isn’t Riddler. It’s gout. And his bum knee from when he played high school football. Did he ever tell you about that time he threw the big touchdown? Man, what a time to be alive. 


Bonus Entry: Sam Rockwell

He's sort of a been there, done that kinda guy, but look at him crush it in this video. I would kill for a Batman movie with Sam Rockwell as the Dark Knight. 

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Steve Attanasie

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