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‘Deadpool’ Gets Yet Another Award Nomination, As Everyone Eagerly Awaits This Year’s Oscars

Y’all need to calm down about Deadpool.

It’s not going to get an Oscar nomination. That simply will not happen.


Sure, Deadpool got some love from the Golden Globes and the Writer’s Guild of America. Yes, it has now received a nomination from the Producer’s Guild of America as well.

It’s perfectly logical for analysts and people who care about this kind of stuff to look at all these glowing commendations from the movie industry, and assume that the Academy Awards will be the next major institution to slap a nomination on Ryan Reynolds’ wrinkly, deformed genitalia.

But honestly, it’s easy to see that La La Land is going to sweep the Oscars this year. It’s got Ryan Gosling singing and dancing; no mere mortal can resist the urge to throw little golden statues at this film!

(The question of whether this will lead to a musical revival remains to be seen, but here's hoping we get a Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog movie.)

The fact of the matter is that there are just too many really decent, emotionally moving films that were released in 2016. Films like Collateral Beauty, where (spoiler alert) Will Smith’s friends hire actors to have conversations with him for the purpose of filming these chats, digitally editing out the actors, and using the tapes as court evidence to get him committed so they can steal control of his company.

Yes, that is the actual plot of the movie.

Yes, it really is a serious film that’s designed to try and get everyone involved an Oscar.

Hmm. Maybe Deadpool has a shot after all.

We’re not saying the movie will actually win anything, but if there’s anything Hollywood loves, it’s a self-referential movie that pokes fun at how dumb popular films are.

Remember Birdman? That movie is “dark comedy” (which is code for a movie that tries to be funny but that has no jokes) about Michael Keaton trying to shake off his Batman fame to become a serious actor.

That is literally what the entire movie is about, and the Academy lapped it up! They threw Best Picture at that thing!

So if Birdman can beat out The Theory of Everything to win Best Picture, then maybe Deadpool can squeeze a token nomination or two.

After all, 2016’s crop of Oscar-bait movies was just as bad as everything else about that miserable year, what with all the Will Smith conspiracy plots running around.

La La Land probably has the Best Picture award in the bag simply by virtue of a lack of feasible competition, but with so few decent movies coming out in 2016, there might just be some love to spare for Tim Miller’s little movie that could.

After all, there’s one thing that definitely works in Deadpool’s favor: the movie’s cast is predominantly Caucasian.

If there’s one thing the Academy loves, it’s white people.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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