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Dave Bautista Starts Filming on 'Infinity War' Without Having Read the Script

Actors are a liability.

In a world where a special effects department can design Peter Cushing by committee, Disney is no doubt still incredibly frustrated that they have to rely on actors to make their movies.

Actors blab about movie spoilers in interviews. They give away secrets and ruin surprises—a situation which is made all the worse when some idiot fanboy in his underwear slams together a post on 4Chan that snowballs into widely believed rumors about upcoming movies.

At the same time, though, actors need to know the details about movies. They have to memorize their lines, and it generally helps if they have an idea of the context in which they’re reciting them.

When saying, “Oh Steve, allow me to thank you for your sacrifice,” Robert Downey Jr needs to know whether the line he’s delivering in front of a green screen is being spoken on the battlefield, or in the bedroom.

So what’s the solution? Simply keep your actors in the dark for as long as possible. That should world fine.

Here’s a pretty wonderful clip from Variety of Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner discussing the filming schedule for Infinity War. Spoiler alert: neither of them know anything:



It’s not often that Jeremy Renner’s frat boy personality makes me smile, but the idea that he doesn’t even know if Hawkeye is still alive in the MCU, and Elizabeth Olsen’s desperate attempts to keep the interview professional while he slouches in his chair and barely stops short of scratching his balls?

That’s pretty entertaining.

Apparently, these two aren’t the only actors who have been kept out of the loop. Dave Bautista is currently filming in Scotland, but hadn’t even seen a script yesterday.



That’s some pretty impressive secrecy on Marvel’s part—especially considering that Infinity War and its sequel started filming this month, and will still be going in April.

There’s a lot to organize, and keeping nerdy fanboys from figuring out any plot details complicates things even further.

Case in point: they’ve failed. Simply based on the dates these actors start filming, it’s easy to surmise some details from the movies.

It’s safe to say, for example, that if Elizabeth Olsen isn’t turning up to film until April (so she claims), she’s probably not got any scenes with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Whoops, some actors gave away more plot details without meaning to.

Someone at Disney is shaking their head and wondering about the cost of turning Guy Henry into the Scarlet Witch right about now.

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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