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Bryan Singer To Direct Pilot Episode For Unnamed 'X-Men' TV Show

Way back in the distant past of 2014, Bryan Singer was the X-Men franchise.

If he was involved in one of Wolverine’s outings, it would probably be a success. If, for whatever reason, the studio had gone with someone else to direct a picture, it would probably turn out like X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Matthew Vaughn’s First Class was the exception that proved the rule. The only good X-Men movies were directed by Bryan Singer.

Then came Apocalypse, and all at once, Fox lost faith in its prized director.

As it turned out, it wasn’t just Brandon Routh films that Singer was capable of botching. He could also ruin an X-Men movie, if, as with Superman Returns, he lost all grasp on perspective among the superhero CGI spectacle.

For a while, it seemed as if Fox had turned their back on Singer. He won’t be directing New Mutants, and it was even speculated that all his good work might be undone with a franchise-wide reboot.

But now, Bryan Singer is back, and he has a new X-Men project to direct.

The new TV show.

No, not Legion. The other one. The show that we’ve heard literally nothing about, except that Singer is directing its pilot episode.

If you’re left scratching your head and trying to figure out just how many X-Men TV shows are in the works, you’re not alone.

To make things easier, here’s the breakdown: Legion, the incredibly brown show about Professor X’s mentally unstable son, is not canon (unless it manages to prove itself worthy of a James McAvoy movie-sized paycheck for a crossover).

This new, thus far untitled show, however, will be canon from the get go, and has already apparently been deemed to justify paying Bryan Singer to direct it.

In other words, there’s no prizes for guessing which show Fox thinks is going to be a bigger hit.

But perhaps this new TV show is similarly a ground for Fox to test its story team. Maybe this is Bryan Singer’s penance for Apocalypse.

“Now, young Bryan”, says the patronizing Fox executive who oversees the X-brand (feel free to imagine him as some kind of horrible troll monster, “your last movie was very disappointing.”

“You’re not allowed back up at the big kid’s director table until you prove yourself worthy by not absolutely ruining a TV show pilot.”

Yeah, that sounds about right. Clearly working for Fox is like being talked down to by a disgusting horned monster with cloven feet.

Go back and read that imaginary dialogue again, but this time in an Australian accent.

Yup, that’s Rupert Murdoch alright!

Matthew loffhagen

Matthew Loffhagen

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