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'Black Panther' Brings Back Martin Freeman Because Why the Hell Not?

One of the only constants in this world is that the people who sign on to make Marvel movies must sign a blood oath for life. No matter how small or insignificant your role may seem, they will bring you back out of fucking nowhere whenever they damn well please. Look at poor Martin Freeman, a guy who probably thought to himself "these Marvel movies seem a laugh, I'll do one of those," and now he's gonna be doing them until the day he dies—and even then some more than likely.

Gossip site Just Jared posted these exclusive pics of Freeman on set, but they have this annoying yellow border around them so I'm not posting them here. Go there if you want to see more angles of Martin Freeman and that umbrella. Nevertheless, they prove that Freeman's Everett Ross—no relation to Bill Hurt's Thunderbolt Ross—is going to turn up again in Black Panther. We were first introduced to the character in Captain America: Civil War where he drank a latte very intensely and wrestled with his American accent more than Iron Man or Captain America. If that coffee cup in his hand is any indication, he'll be drinking more lattes in Black panther, thank goodness. I would have hated for all that character development to go to waste. 

J/K I love Martin Freeman, almost as much as Cap loves Bucky, so I'm happy to see him turn up in any future MCU flicks. Also, I hate the fact that every time I use the word "flicks" in lieu of "movies," Kevin Smith gets a hard-on. 

Header image via Comic Book Movie

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Steve Attanasie

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